Submitting Indentation Issues

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Please always include an as complete description of your issue as possible. Include real code where the indentation goes wrong, making sure to remove as much extraneous context as possible. Also try to include a minimal example that exhibits the same issue. If you’ve noticed similar code that works as expected, include that too and (if you must) make an educated guess as to what’s causing the issue given the two’s similarities. Feel free to link to the “offending” code.

If the expected result isn’t obvious (for example, an end keyword is being indented when it should be dedented), describe what you think the expected result should be, both in code and in words.

Always make sure to test your issues against the latest version of indent/ruby.vim before you submit it, as your issue may have already been resolved. Also make sure to check the issue list for related issues and either comment on them or link to them, depending on how related your issue may be to them.