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Special case: unzip using 7z for a checklist.vim package.

We should probably convert to always using 7z.  Debian's unzip
command is failing to keep up with the times.
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1 parent 203b1c4 commit cee66a5052bf52a2c111af1e02a57aaf0c13085a @bronson bronson committed Jun 3, 2011
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@@ -61,6 +61,12 @@ Submit a patch to git which allows git log --stat to display the line
counts but not the graph. git log --stat=0 should do it. Nobody
would be using 0 since it doesn't do anything useful anyway.
+ has a file
+which overrides our README file. Maybe we should skip making our
+own README if already exists...?
some upstream contributions:
@@ -1112,6 +1112,10 @@ def add_version repo, version, script
case actual_name
when nil then # do nothing
+ # horrible special case for 3584 - checklist.vim
+ when /$/ then unshell repo, script, pkgfile, ['7z', 'x']
when /#{$textext}/ then smart_copy_file repo, script, actual_name,
when /\.zip$/i then unshell repo, script, pkgfile, ['unzip']
when /\.tar$/ then unshell repo, script, pkgfile, ['tar', 'xf']

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