Moving away from #46

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To add a script to, one should be
able to submit a name, a short description, and a URL to a git repo anywhere
on the net. An hour later it should be in our catalog. Right now I'm
thinking the scraper could check github pull requests using the API but that
would restrict us to github... Maybe add a "submit" page to the site and the
scraper would use the disqus API to scrape custom-formatted comments?

This was referenced Oct 13, 2011
Vim Scraper member

This is a dupe of #3

I like the "submit" page idea... Might even allow someone else to enter an author's repo.

y commented Aug 26, 2012

How about automating the process of adding the vim-scripts repo link to the plugin page. This would be very useful in the case where there are plugin name collisions.

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