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gmarik commented Oct 13, 2011

Rating: the ratings are fairly useless. Need something more like, something that can pit related plugins against each

bronson commented Oct 13, 2011

Love this.

How would the rating be computed? The ruby toolbox heuristic of github watchers & forks doesn't work so well with vim-scripts... not until we're working with the original repos anyway, just just the mirrors on vim-scripts.

vundle and vim-update-bundles could submit usage counts every time they process a vimrc. With the user's consent of course. :)

moshen commented Oct 13, 2011

This is a great idea! Some thoughts:

  • ++ Ratings on the vim-scripts site ( a la MetaCPAN )
  • of clones of vim-scripts / original repos ( pathogen.vim for example )

  • I don't think this is available via the github apis
bronson commented Oct 25, 2011

@moshen agree, definitely #1. We need to make vim-scripts keep track of original repos before we can do #2, that's a tough problem.

Node just announced . Vim needs an entry in this fight!

The number of clones is not available via Github's API.

In order to reach some state like RubyToolbox there are a few other issues which we would need to think about:

  • Vim Bundles don't have things like a Gemfile to specify dependencies
  • Forks/Watches are not saying much about the bundle's popularity
  • Bundles which are available from Github by their respective developers should not be available via vim-scripts.

I think the main problem here is that vim-scripts is not a directory of all vim-scripts available but a mirror.
It's nice to have this mirror for scripts which do not comply with pathogen but its not a replacement for a complete listing like these toolbox sites provide it.

I am willing to work on this directory.

Ideally I'd like to see someone join me to stay motivated on the long run... ;-)

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