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Auto Pairs
Insert or delete brackets, parens, quotes in pair.
copy plugin/auto-pairs.vim to ~/.vim/plugin
* Insert in pair
input: [
output: [|]
* Delete in pair
input: foo[<BS>
output: foo
* Insert new indented line after Return
input: {|} (press <CR> at |)
output: {
* Insert spaces before closing characters, only for [], (), {}
input: {|} (press <SPACE> at |)
output: { | }
input: {|} (press <SPACE>foo} at |)
output: { foo }|
input: '|' (press <SPACE> at |)
output: ' |'
* Skip ' when inside a word
input: foo| (press ' at |)
output: foo'
* Skip closed bracket.
input: []
output: []
* Ignore auto pair when previous character is \
input: "&#039
output: "&#039"
* Fast Wrap
input: |'hello' (press (<M-e> at |)
output: ('hello')
wrap string, only support c style string
input: |'h\\el&#039lo' (press (<M-e> at |)
output ('h\\ello&#039')
input: |[foo, bar()] (press (<M-e> at |)
output: ([foo, bar()])
* Quick jump to closed pair.
(press } at |)
* Support ``` ''' and """
* Fly Mode
input: if(a[3)
output: if(a[3])| (In Fly Mode)
output: if(a[3)]) (Without Fly Mode)
(press } at |)
(then press <M-b> at | to do backinsert)
See Fly Mode section for details
Fly Mode
Fly Mode will always force closed-pair jumping instead of inserting. only for ")", "}", "]"
If jumps in mistake, could use AutoPairsBackInsert(Default Key: <M-b>) to jump back and insert closed pair.
the most situation maybe want to insert single closed pair in the string, eg ")"
Fly Mode is DISABLED by default.
add **let g:AutoPairsFlyMode = 1** .vimrc to turn it on
Default Options:
let g:AutoPairsFlyMode = 0
let g:AutoPairsShortcutBackInsert = '<M-b>'
System Shortcuts:
<CR> : Insert new indented line after return if cursor in blank brackets or quotes.
<BS> : Delete brackets in pair
<M-p> : Toggle Autopairs (g:AutoPairsShortcutToggle)
<M-e> : Fast Wrap (g:AutoPairsShortcutFastWrap)
<M-n> : Jump to next closed pair (g:AutoPairsShortcutJump)
<M-b> : BackInsert
If <M-p> <M-e> or <M-n> conflict with another keys or want to bind to another keys, add
let g:AutoPairShortcutToggle = '<another key>'
to .vimrc, it the key is empty string '', then the shortcut will be disabled.
* g:AutoPairs
Default: {'(':')', '[':']', '{':'}',"'":"'",'"':'"', '`':'`'}
* b:AutoPairs
Default: g:AutoPairs
Buffer level pairs set.
* g:AutoPairsShortcutToggle
Default: '<M-p>'
The shortcut to toggle autopairs.
* g:AutoPairsShortcutFastWrap
Default: '<M-e>'
Fast wrap the word. all pairs will be consider as a block (include <>).
(|)'hello' after fast wrap at |, the word will be ('hello')
(|)<hello> after fast wrap at |, the word will be (<hello>)
* g:AutoPairsShortcutJump
Default: '<M-n>'
Jump to the next closed pair
* g:AutoPairsMapBS
Default : 1
Map <BS> to delete brackets, quotes in pair
execute 'inoremap <buffer> <silent> <BS> <C-R>=AutoPairsDelete()<CR>'
* g:AutoPairsMapCR
Default : 1
Map <CR> to insert a new indented line if cursor in (|), {|} [|], '|', "|"
execute 'inoremap <buffer> <silent> <CR> <C-R>=AutoPairsReturn()<CR>'
* g:AutoPairsCenterLine
Default : 1
When g:AutoPairsMapCR is on, center current line after return if the line is at the bottom 1/3 of the window.
* g:AutoPairsMapSpace
Default : 1
Map <space> to insert a space after the opening character and before the closing one.
execute 'inoremap <buffer> <silent> <CR> <C-R>=AutoPairsSpace()<CR>'
* g:AutoPairsFlyMode
Default : 0
set it to 1 to enable FlyMode.
see FlyMode section for details.
* g:AutoPairsShortcutBackInsert
Default : <M-b>
Work with FlyMode, insert the key at the Fly Mode jumped postion
Buffer Level Pairs Setting
Set b:AutoPairs before BufEnter
" When the filetype is FILETYPE then make AutoPairs only match for parenthesis
au Filetype FILETYPE let b:AutoPairs = {"(": ")"}
The script will remap keys ([{'"}]) <BS>,
If auto pairs cannot work, use :imap ( to check if the map is corrected.
The correct map should be <C-R>=AutoPairsInsert("\(")<CR>
Or the plugin conflict with some other plugins.
use command :call AutoPairsInit() to remap the keys.
* How to insert parens purely
There are 3 ways
1. use Ctrl-V ) to insert paren without trigger the plugin.
2. use Alt-P to turn off the plugin.
3. use DEL or <C-O>x to delete the character insert by plugin.
Known Issues
There are the issues I cannot fix.
Compatible with Vimwiki - [issue #19](
Description: When works with vimwiki `<CR>` will output `<SNR>xx_CR()`
Reason: vimwiki uses `<expr>` on mapping `<CR>` that auto-pairs cannot expanding.
Solution A: Add
" Copy from vimwiki.vim s:CR function for CR remapping
function! VimwikiCR()
let res = vimwiki#lst#kbd_cr()
if res == "\<CR>" && g:vimwiki_table_mappings
let res = vimwiki#tbl#kbd_cr()
return res
autocmd filetype vimwiki inoremap <buffer> <silent> <CR> <C-R>=VimwikiCR()<CR><C-R>=AutoPairsReturn()<CR>
to .vimrc, it will make vimwiki and auto-pairs 'Return' feature works together.
Solution B: add `let g:AutoPairsMapCR = 0` to .vimrc to disable `<CR>` mapping.
Compatible with viki - [issue #25](
Description: When works with viki `<CR>` will output viki#ExprMarkInexistentInElement('ParagraphVisible','<CR>')
Reason: viki uses `<expr>` on mapping `<CR>` that auto-pairs cannot expanding.
Solution A: Add
autocmd filetype viki inoremap <buffer> <silent> <CR> <C-R>=viki#ExprMarkInexistentInElement('ParagraphVisible',"\n")<CR><C-R>=AutoPairsReturn()<CR>`
to .vimrc, it will make viki and auto-pairs works together.
Solution B: add `let g:AutoPairsMapCR = 0` to .vimrc to disable `<CR>` mapping.
Remarks: Solution A need NOT add `let g:AutoPairsMapCR = 0` to .vimrc, if Solution A still cannot work, then have to use Solution B to disable auto-pairs `<CR>`.
Breaks '.' - [issue #3](
Description: After entering insert mode and inputing `[hello` then leave insert
mode by `<ESC>`. press '.' will insert 'hello' instead of '[hello]'.
Reason: `[` actually equals `[]\<LEFT>` and \<LEFT> will break '.'
Solution: none
* [camthompson](
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