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This is a mirror of

BackgroundColor.vim only works, if your vim is compiled with signs-support.  If it is, you can use signs, to define a background color for your text.

This plugin defines these Commands:
:Red Color the selected Range red
:White Color the selected Range white
:Yellow Color the selected Range yellow
:Blue Color the selected Range blue
:Green Color the selected range Green
:Black Color the selected range Black
Color the selected range with your defined Color1 or 2
Those 2 commands are only defined, if you have specified a color for this command.
You can define a custom color using the 2 variables g:bg_color_custom1 and g:bg_color_custom2

:Clear Clear the selected range
:ClearAll Clear the whole buffer of all background colors.

All commands (excep :ClearAll, which only uses the whole buffer) accept a range, on which they operate. So you can use, e.g. :%Red to color the whole buffer red.

I am not sure if this is really useful, but in case you find it usefull, please rate this plugin.