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tag: 3.50
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 3.50

    Matt Wozniski authored committed
    Fix a major regression that prevented the Eterm and Konsole colors from being correctly snapshotted
    Fix a related bug causing incorrect terminal colors after calling :CSApproxSnapshot
    Fix a bug causing black to be used instead of dark grey
    Have snapshots calculate g:colors_name programmatically
    Introduce many tweaks for better speed
    Clarify some things at :help csapprox-terminal-example
    Default to using our own list of rgb.txt colors rather than searching, for performance.  Add a new variable, g:CSApprox_use_showrgb, which forces us to try finding the colors using the "showrgb" program instead, and fall back on our own list if it isn't available
    Remove g:CSApprox_extra_rgb_txt_dirs - not needed in light of the above change
  2. Version 3.05

    Matt Wozniski authored committed
    Fix a harmless "Undefined variable" error in :CSApproxSnapshot
    Fix a behavioral bug when dumping out colors defined external to the scheme.
  3. Version 3.00

    Matt Wozniski authored committed
    Update the docs for better info on :CSApproxSnapshot
    Allow snapshotted schemes to work on Vim 6, and work properly in Konsole and Eterm (thanks David Majnemer!)
    Fix a bug causing a syntax error when using GVim while CSApprox was loaded.  (thanks again, David Majnemer!)
  4. Version 2.00

    Matt Wozniski authored committed
    Add a hooks system, allowing users to specify a command to run, either before or after the approximation algorithm is run, for all schemes or one specific one.
    Also rewrite :CSApproxSnapshot to be more maintainable and less of a hack, and fix several bugs that it contained.
  5. Version 1.50

    Matt Wozniski authored committed
    Add :CSApproxSnapshot for writing out a colorscheme file representing the current colors that will work in gvim, 88 color vim, or 256 color vim, even without +gui.  See :help :CSApproxSnapshot
  6. Version 1.10

    Matt Wozniski authored committed
    Distribute an rgb.txt along with CSApprox, so that CSApprox can still be used on distributions where no rgb.txt is provided with the X server (like Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex).  Thanks to Penn Su for finding this!
  7. Version 1.00: Initial upload

    Matt Wozniski authored committed
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