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Latest commit a295809 Matt Wozniski committed with Version 4.00
Fix CSApprox to not fail in vim 7.3 if not +gui, now that vim behaves properly even without +gui

Provide the :CSApprox command to re-run CSApprox's approximation algorithm even if the colorscheme hasn't changed - useful for when the user has tweaked some colors manually.

Better handling for the inverse (aka reverse) attribute for terminals that actually support it - and add the g:CSApprox_fake_reverse config variable to allow switching back to the old behavior for terminals that don't support real reverse video.

Fix an issue where CSApprox would unconditionally leave 'background' set to "light" - now it will leave 'background' unchanged when it runs.

Change the handling for Konsole to use the xterm palette by for KDE versions >= 2.2.0 - Konsole itself was changed to drop its old, slightly incompatible palette in KDE 2.2.0

Fix a minor issue where running vim in recovery mode with -r would result in a complaint from CSApprox that the terminal didn't have enough colors even when it did.

Fix an issue where, even if CSApprox had been disabled by setting g:CSApprox_loaded, a CSApprox error message could still be displayed.
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