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tag: 1.21
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 1.21

    Ingo Karkat authored committed
    - FIX: A 2]] jump inside a region (unless last line) jumped like a 1]] jump. The search for next region must not decrease the iteration counter when _not_ searching _across_ the region.
    - FIX: Must not do (characterwise) end position adaptation for linewise text object that does not exclude boundaries.
    - Switched example from email fortunes to Pascal begin..end blocks, as they are conceptually easier.
  2. Version 1.20

    Ingo Karkat authored committed
    - ENH: In CountJump#Motion#MakeBracketMotion(), a:keyAfterBracket and a:inverseKeyAfterBracket can now be empty, the resulting mappings are then omitted. Likewise, any jump function can be empty in CountJump#Motion#MakeBracketMotionWithJumpFunctions().
    - With the added CountJump#Motion#MakeBracketMotionWithJumpFunctions() motions can be defined via jump functions, similar to how text objects can be defined.
    - Added CountJump/Region.vim to move to borders of a region defined by lines matching a pattern.
    - FIX: CountJump#CountJump() with mode "O" didn't add original position to jump list.
    - The previous visual selection is kept when the text object could not be selected. (Beforehand, a new selection of the text object's selection type was created.)
    - The adjustment movements after the jumps to the text object boundaries now do not cause beeps if that movement cannot be done (e.g. a 'j' at the end of the buffer).
  3. Version 1.10

    Ingo Karkat authored committed
    - Changed behavior if there aren't [count] matches: Instead of jumping to the last available match (and ringing the bell), the cursor stays at the original position, like with the old vi-compatible motions.
    - ENH: Only adding to jump list if there actually is a match. This is like the built-in Vim motions work.
    - FIX: For a linewise text object, the end cursor column is not important; do not compare with the original cursor column in this case.
  4. Version 1.00: Initial upload

    Ingo Karkat authored committed
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