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Debugging interface/client for DBGp protocol
Python VimL
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Version 1.0.2

- remove bug about file path for windows
- other info, question, suggestion, please see
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plugin Version 1.0.2
README Version 1.0: Initial upload


This is a mirror of

these are updates for Sam Ghods script

based on Seung Woo Shin script

basically just I add tab-page editing support to the original plugin which based on vim 6.0 below is list of changes made to the python script.

- when multiple tab-page loaded, it will remember the initial tab-page 
  which start the debugging session. every debugging command will 
  make sure that you are debugging on that initial tab, 
  so debugging session wont mess other tab.
- when debugging session ends on multi tab-page window, other 
  tab-page is no longer being duplicated, it will only restore debugging tab

I've send sam a diff's for this plugin, it seems he's a bit busy, and can't reply my email (yet), it's ok anyway cause I'm planning to add more common feature to the script, 

please if you find any bug, made a patch, diffs, etc, let me know...

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