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Doxygen *doxygen.vim* *doxygen-syntax*
Doxygen generates code documentation using a special documentation format
(similar to Javadoc). This syntax script adds doxygen highlighting to c, cpp and
idl files, and should also work with java.
There are a few of ways to turn on doxygen formatting. It can be done
explicity or in a modeline by appending '.doxygen' to the syntax of
the file. Example: >
:set syntax=c.doxygen
or >
// vim:syntax=c.doxygen
To use doxygen formatting on top of any filetype, add the following to
your .vimrc for each filetype, replacing {filetype} with the relevent value. >
:let g:syntax_extra_{filetype}='doxygen'
It can also be done automaticly for c, cpp and idl files by setting the global
or buffer-local variable load_doxygen_syntax. This is done by adding the
following to your .vimrc. >
:let g:load_doxygen_syntax=1
There are a couple of variables that have an affect on syntax highlighting, and
are to do with non-standard highlighting options.
Variable Default Effect ~
g:doxygen_enhanced_colour 0 Use non-standard highlighting for doxygen comments.
doxygen_my_rendering 0 Disable rendering of HTML bold, italic and
html_my_rendering underline.
doxygen_javadoc_autobrief 1 Set to 0 to disable javadoc autobrief colour highlighting.
doxygen_end_punctuation '[.]' Set to regexp match for the ending punctuation of brief
There are also some hilight groups worth mentioning as they can be useful in
Highlight Effect ~
doxygenErrorComment The colour of an end-comment when missing
punctuation in a code, verbatim or dot section
doxygenLinkError The colour of an end-comment when missing the
\endlink from a \link section.