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Version 1.4

- Patches from Wu Yongwei
  * Include '-' in inline \c \e maching.
  * \see, \return are multiline desc.
  * \throw can now handle std::alloc (colons were confusing it)
- Fixed support for <a href=> links.
- Reported by Wu Yongwei
  * Handle [in,out] in \param.
  * Handle non-terminating . in a brief description (eg A.B)
  * allow leading asterix inside HTML marks.
  * Fix up <a> link hilighting when interupted by new-lines and comment
  * Handle the case where \c \ref etc are used at the beginning of a 'brief'
- Fixed termination of multiline at start of new command.
- Include John McGehee's instructions.
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+This is a mirror of
+This Script has been moved into Vim7.
+:set syntax=cpp.doxygen
+Provides DoxyGen Highlighting on top of c/c++/idl/java. DoxyGen is close to JavaDoc that it should be fine for JavaDoc as well. It supports most of the keywords in DoxyGen in one way or another.
+There may be some problems where doxygen tags need to be included in exclusion groups of the c/c++/java/idl files.
+At the moment, it uses non-conventional colours, which I think is good, as it differentiates it from the source-code. Please let me know if your opinion differs, especially if you have a set of standard defaults that would be appropriate.
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