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Version 1.4

- Patches from Wu Yongwei
  * Include '-' in inline \c \e maching.
  * \see, \return are multiline desc.
  * \throw can now handle std::alloc (colons were confusing it)
- Fixed support for <a href=> links.
- Reported by Wu Yongwei
  * Handle [in,out] in \param.
  * Handle non-terminating . in a brief description (eg A.B)
  * allow leading asterix inside HTML marks.
  * Fix up <a> link hilighting when interupted by new-lines and comment
  * Handle the case where \c \ref etc are used at the beginning of a 'brief'
- Fixed termination of multiline at start of new command.
- Include John McGehee's instructions.
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@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+This is a mirror of
+This Script has been moved into Vim7.
+:set syntax=cpp.doxygen
+Provides DoxyGen Highlighting on top of c/c++/idl/java. DoxyGen is close to JavaDoc that it should be fine for JavaDoc as well. It supports most of the keywords in DoxyGen in one way or another.
+There may be some problems where doxygen tags need to be included in exclusion groups of the c/c++/java/idl files.
+At the moment, it uses non-conventional colours, which I think is good, as it differentiates it from the source-code. Please let me know if your opinion differs, especially if you have a set of standard defaults that would be appropriate.
513 syntax/doxygen.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,513 @@
+" DoxyGen syntax hilighting extension for c/c++/idl/java
+" Language: doxygen on top of c, cpp, idl, java
+" Maintainer: Michael Geddes <>
+" Author: Michael Geddes
+" Last Change: August 2004
+" Version: 1.4
+" NOTE: Comments welcome!
+" There are two variables that control the syntax hilighting produced by this
+" script:
+" doxygen_enhanced_colour - Use the (non-standard) original colours designed for this hilighting.
+" doxygen_my_rendering - Disable the HTML bold/italic/underline rendering.
+" A brief description without '.' or '!' will cause the end comment
+" character to be marked as an error. You can define the colour of this using
+" the highlight doxygenErrorComment.
+" Usage:
+" Installation Instructions
+" 1. Create the directory ~/.vim/syntax and move doxygen.vim into it:
+" cd
+" mkdir -p .vim/syntax
+" mv doxygen.vim .vim/syntax
+" Some flavours of UNIX do not support mkdir -p. In that case, just create the
+" directories individually:
+" mkdir .vim .vim/syntax
+" 2. Add the following to your ~/.vimrc file to cause vim to use doxygen.vim
+" syntax highlighting whenever editing pure Doxygen files.
+" au BufNewFile,BufRead *.doxygen setfiletype doxygen
+" Now vim will use the doxygen.vim syntax highlighting whenever editing files
+" named *.doxygen. If you use a different name for your pure Doxygen files,
+" replace "*.doxygen" in the above line with the file name you use, such
+" as "*.dox".
+" 3. For programming language source files, doxygen.vim must be loaded last.
+" Vim loads the scripts in the ~/.vim/after/syntax directory after it loads
+" the normal language syntax. Create the directory and make links to
+" doxygen.vim:
+" mkdir -p .vim/after/syntax
+" cd .vim/after/syntax
+" ln -s ../../syntax/doxygen.vim c.vim (for C)
+" ln -s ../../syntax/doxygen.vim cpp.vim (for C++)
+" And so on for each language for which you will use Doxygen.
+" If you can't use ln, then create files c.vim, cpp.vim that source
+" ../../syntax/doxygen.vim
+" Alternatively, either:
+" 1: create files .vim/syntax/c.vim .vim/syntax/cpp.vim .vim/syntax/ which
+" load the original syntax before loading doxygen.vim syntax hilighting.
+" or
+" 2: Before :syntax on in your _vimrc, put
+" let mysyntaxfile='<some_path>/doxygen_load.vim
+" and then create the following file.
+" -----------8<--------- <some_path>/doxygen_load.vim --------
+" au! Syntax {cpp,c,idl}
+" au Syntax {cpp,c,idl} runtime syntax/doxygen.vim
+" ------------------------------------------------------------
+" History:
+" 1.1:
+" - Added support for @brief lines at the start, rather than automatic
+" brief (Suggested by Peter Wright)
+" - As an extension support brief comment on a single line followed by
+" multiline doxygen comment.
+" 1.2
+" - Add a hilight group for @bug, default to TODO hilighting.(suggested by
+" Markus Trenkwalder)
+" - Fix brief comment on a single line being overzealous - (reported by Markus Trenkwalder)
+" 1.3
+" - HTML Hilighting support fixed (reported by Brett Humphreys)
+" - HTML hilighting extended to support bold/italic/underline (coppied from
+" html.vim).
+" - Support a few more recent additions to doxygen.
+" - Support standard colour sets - use doxygen_enhanced_colour to use old
+" sets.
+" 1.4
+" - Patches from Wu Yongwei
+" * Include '-' in inline \c \e maching.
+" * \see, \return are multiline desc.
+" * \throw can now handle std::alloc (colons were confusing it)
+" - Fixed support for <a href=> links.
+" - Reported by Wu Yongwei
+" * Handle [in,out] in \param.
+" * Handle non-terminating . in a brief description (eg A.B)
+" * allow leading asterix inside HTML marks.
+" * Fix up <a> link hilighting when interupted by new-lines and comment
+" continuations.
+" * Handle the case where \c \ref etc are used at the beginning of a 'brief'
+" line.
+" - Fixed termination of multiline at start of new command.
+" - Include John McGehee's instructions.
+if exists('b:current_syntax') && b:current_syntax =~ 'doxygen' && !exists('doxygen_debug_script')
+ finish
+let s:cpo_save = &cpo
+set cpo&vim
+" Start of Doxygen syntax hilighting:
+" C/C++ Style line comments
+"syn region doxygenComment start=+/\*[*!]+ end=+\*/+ contains=doxygenStart,doxygenTODO keepend
+syn region doxygenComment start=+/\*[*!]+ end=+\*/+ contains=doxygenSyncStart,doxygenStart,doxygenTODO keepend
+syn region doxygenCommentL start=+//[/!]+me=e-1 end=+$+ contains=doxygenStartL keepend skipwhite skipnl nextgroup=doxygenComment2
+syn region doxygenCommentL start=+//@[{}]+ end=+$+
+" Single line brief followed by multiline comment.
+syn region doxygenComment2 start=+/\*[*!]+ end=+\*/+ contained contains=doxygenSyncStart2,doxygenStart2,doxygenTODO keepend
+" This helps with sync-ing as for some reason, syncing behaves differently to a normal region, and the start pattern does not get matched.
+syn match doxygenSyncStart2 +[^*/]+ contained nextgroup=doxygenBody,doxygenPrev,doxygenStartSpecial,doxygenSkipComment,doxygenStartSkip2 skipwhite skipnl
+" Skip empty lines at the start for when comments start on the 2nd/3rd line.
+syn match doxygenStartSkip2 +^\s*\*[^/]+me=e-1 contained nextgroup=doxygenBody,doxygenStartSpecial,doxygenStartSkip skipwhite skipnl
+syn match doxygenStartSkip2 +^\s*\*$+ contained nextgroup=doxygenBody,doxygenStartSpecial,,doxygenStartSkip skipwhite skipnl
+syn match doxygenStart2 +/\*[*!]+ contained nextgroup=doxygenBody,doxygenPrev,doxygenStartSpecial,doxygenStartSkip2 skipwhite skipnl
+" Match the Starting pattern (effectively creating the start of a BNF)
+syn match doxygenStart +/\*[*!]+ contained nextgroup=doxygenBrief,doxygenPrev,doxygenFindBriefSpecial,doxygenStartSpecial,doxygenStartSkip,doxygenPage skipwhite skipnl
+syn match doxygenStartL +//[/!]+ contained nextgroup=doxygenPrevL,doxygenBriefL,doxygenSpecial skipwhite
+" This helps with sync-ing as for some reason, syncing behaves differently to a normal region, and the start pattern does not get matched.
+syn match doxygenSyncStart +[^*/]+ contained nextgroup=doxygenBrief,doxygenPrev,doxygenStartSpecial,doxygenFindBriefSpecial,doxygenStartSkip,doxygenPage skipwhite skipnl
+" Match the first sentence as a brief comment
+syn region doxygenBrief contained start=+\\\([pcbea]\|em\|ref\)\>+ start=+\<\k+ skip=+[.!]\S+ end=+[.!]+ contains=doxygenSmallSpecial,doxygenContinueComment,doxygenErrorComment,doxygenFindBriefSpecial,doxygenSmallSpecial,@doxygenHtmlGroup,doxygenTODO,doxygenOtherLink skipnl nextgroup=doxygenBody
+syn region doxygenBriefL start=+@\k\@!\|\\\([pcbea]\|em\|ref\)\>+ start=+\<+ skip=+[.!]\S+ end=+[.!]\|$+ contained contains=doxygenSmallSpecial,@doxygenHtmlGroup keepend
+syn region doxygenBriefLine contained start=+\<\k+ skip=+^\s*\(\*[^/]\)\=\s*\([@\\]ar[^g]\|[^ \t\*]\)+ end=+^+ contains=doxygenContinueComment,doxygenErrorComment,doxygenFindBriefSpecial,doxygenSmallSpecial,@doxygenHtmlGroup,doxygenTODO,doxygenOtherLink skipwhite keepend
+" Match a '<' for applying a comment to the previous element.
+syn match doxygenPrev +<+ contained nextgroup=doxygenBrief,doxygenSpecial,doxygenStartSkip skipwhite
+syn match doxygenPrevL +<+ contained nextgroup=doxygenBriefL,doxygenSpecial skipwhite
+" These are anti-doxygen comments. If there are more than two asterixes or 3 '/'s
+" then turn the comments back into normal C comments.
+syn region cComment start="/\*\*\*" end="\*/" contains=@cCommentGroup,cCommentString,cCharacter,cNumbersCom,cSpaceError
+syn region cCommentL start="////" skip="\\$" end="$" contains=@cCommentGroup,cComment2String,cCharacter,cNumbersCom,cSpaceError
+" Special commands at the start of the area: starting with '@' or '\'
+syn region doxygenStartSpecial contained start=+@\<\|\\\([pcbea]\|em\|ref\)\@!+ end=+$+ end=+\*/+me=s-1,he=s-1 contains=doxygenSpecial nextgroup=doxygenSkipComment skipnl keepend
+syn match doxygenSkipComment contained +^\s*\*[^/]+me=e-1 nextgroup=doxygenBrief,doxygenStartSpecial,doxygenFindBriefSpecial,doxygenPage skipwhite
+"syn region doxygenBodyBit contained start=+$+
+" The main body of a doxygen comment.
+syn region doxygenBody contained start=+.\|$+ matchgroup=doxygenEndComment end=+\*/+re=e-2,me=e-2 contains=doxygenContinueComment,doxygenTODO,doxygenSpecial,@doxygenHtmlGroup
+" These allow the skipping of comment continuation '*' characters.
+syn match doxygenContinueComment contained +^\s*\*/\@!\s*+
+"syn match doxygenErrorEnd contained +/+
+" Catch a Brief comment without punctuation - flag it as an error but
+" make sure the end comment is picked up also.
+syn match doxygenErrorComment contained +\*/+
+" Skip empty lines at the start for when comments start on the 2nd/3rd line.
+syn match doxygenStartSkip +^\s*\*[^/]+me=e-1 contained nextgroup=doxygenBrief,doxygenStartSpecial,doxygenFindBriefSpecial,doxygenStartSkip,doxygenPage skipwhite skipnl
+syn match doxygenStartSkip +^\s*\*$+ contained nextgroup=doxygenBrief,doxygenStartSpecial,doxygenFindBriefSpecial,doxygenStartSkip,doxygenPage skipwhite skipnl
+" Match an [@\]brief so that it moves to body-mode.
+" syn match doxygenBriefLine contained
+syn match doxygenBriefSpecial contained +[@\\]+ nextgroup=doxygenBriefWord skipwhite
+syn region doxygenFindBriefSpecial start=+[@\\]brief\>+ skip=+^\s*\(\*[^/]\)\=\s*\([@\\]ar[^g]\|[^ \t\*]\)+ end=+^+ keepend contains=doxygenBriefSpecial nextgroup=doxygenBody keepend skipwhite skipnl contained
+" Create the single word matching special identifiers.
+fun! DxyCreateSmallSpecial( kword, name )
+ exe 'syn keyword doxygenSpecial'.a:name.'Word contained '.a:kword.' nextgroup=doxygen'.a:name.'Word skipwhite'
+ exe 'syn match doxygen'.a:name.'Word contained "[-a-zA-Z_:0-9]\+" '
+call DxyCreateSmallSpecial('p', 'Code')
+call DxyCreateSmallSpecial('c', 'Code')
+call DxyCreateSmallSpecial('b', 'Bold')
+call DxyCreateSmallSpecial('e', 'Emphasised')
+call DxyCreateSmallSpecial('em', 'Emphasised')
+call DxyCreateSmallSpecial('a', 'Argument')
+call DxyCreateSmallSpecial('ref', 'Ref')
+delfun DxyCreateSmallSpecial
+syn match doxygenSmallSpecial contained +@\<\|\\+ nextgroup=doxygenFormula,doxygenSymbol,doxygenSpecial.*Word
+" Now for special characters
+syn match doxygenSpecial contained +@\<\|\\\([pcbea]\>\|em\>\|ref\>\)\@!+ nextgroup=doxygenParam,doxygenRetval,doxygenBriefWord,doxygenBold,doxygenBOther,doxygenOther,doxygenOtherTODO,doxygenOtherWARN,doxygenOtherBUG,doxygenPage,doxygenOtherLink,doxygenSymbol,doxygenFormula,doxygenErrorSpecial,doxygenSpecial.*Word
+syn match doxygenErrorSpecial contained +\s+
+" Match Parmaters and retvals (hilighting the first word as special).
+syn match doxygenParamDirection contained +\[\(\<in\>\|\<out\>\|,\)\+\]+ nextgroup=doxygenParamName skipwhite
+syn keyword doxygenParam contained param nextgroup=doxygenParamName,doxygenParamDirection skipwhite
+syn match doxygenParamName contained +[A-Za-z0-9_:]\++ nextgroup=doxygenSpecialMultilineDesc skipwhite
+syn keyword doxygenRetval contained retval throw exception nextgroup=doxygenParamName skipwhite
+" Match one line identifiers.
+syn keyword doxygenOther contained addindex anchor code
+\ dontinclude endcode endhtmlonly endlatexonly endverbatim showinitializer hideinitializer
+\ example htmlonly image include ingroup internal latexonly line
+\ overload relates relatesalso sa skip skipline
+\ until verbatim verbinclude version addtogroup htmlinclude copydoc dot enddot dotfile
+\ xmlonly endxmlonly
+\ nextgroup=doxygenSpecialOnelineDesc
+" Match multiline identifiers.
+syn keyword doxygenBOther contained class enum file fn mainpage interface
+\ namespace struct typedef union var def name invariant note post pre remarks
+\ since test
+\ nextgroup=doxygenSpecialTypeOnelineDesc
+syn keyword doxygenOther contained par nextgroup=doxygenHeaderLine
+syn region doxygenHeaderLine start=+.+ end=+^+ contained skipwhite nextgroup=doxygenSpecialMultilineDesc
+syn keyword doxygenOther contained arg author date deprecated li return see nextgroup=doxygenSpecialMultilineDesc
+syn keyword doxygenOtherTODO contained todo attention nextgroup=doxygenSpecialMultilineDesc
+syn keyword doxygenOtherWARN contained warning nextgroup=doxygenSpecialMultilineDesc
+syn keyword doxygenOtherBUG contained bug nextgroup=doxygenSpecialMultilineDesc
+" Handle \link, \endlink, hilighting the link-to and the link text bits separately.
+syn region doxygenOtherLink matchgroup=doxygenOther start=+link+ end=+[\@]endlink+ contained contains=doxygenLinkWord,doxygenContinueComment
+syn match doxygenLinkWord "[_a-zA-Z:#()]\+\>" contained skipnl nextgroup=doxygenLinkRest,doxygenContinueLinkComment
+syn match doxygenLinkRest +.+ contained skipnl nextgroup=doxygenLinkRest,doxygenContinueLinkComment
+syn match doxygenContinueLinkComment contained +^\s*\*\=[^/]+me=e-1 nextgroup=doxygenLinkRest
+" Handle \page. This does not use doxygenBrief.
+syn match doxygenPage "[\\@]page"me=s+1 contained skipwhite nextgroup=doxygenPagePage
+syn keyword doxygenPagePage page contained skipwhite nextgroup=doxygenPageIdent
+syn region doxygenPageDesc start=+.\++ end=+$+ contained skipwhite contains=doxygenSmallSpecial,@doxygenHtmlGroup keepend skipwhite skipnl nextgroup=doxygenBody
+syn match doxygenPageIdent "\<[a-zA-Z0-9]\+\>" contained nextgroup=doxygenPageDesc
+" Handle section
+syn keyword doxygenOther defgroup section subsection subsubsection weakgroup contained skipwhite nextgroup=doxygenSpecialIdent
+syn region doxygenSpecialSectionDesc start=+.\++ end=+$+ contained skipwhite contains=doxygenSmallSpecial,@doxygenHtmlGroup keepend skipwhite skipnl nextgroup=doxygenContinueComment
+syn match doxygenSpecialIdent "\<[a-zA-Z0-9]\+\>" contained nextgroup=doxygenSpecialSectionDesc
+" Does the one-line description for the one-line type identifiers.
+syn region doxygenSpecialTypeOnelineDesc start=+.\++ end=+$+ contained skipwhite contains=doxygenSmallSpecial,@doxygenHtmlGroup keepend
+syn region doxygenSpecialOnelineDesc start=+.\++ end=+$+ contained skipwhite contains=doxygenSmallSpecial,@doxygenHtmlGroup keepend
+" Handle the multiline description for the multiline type identifiers.
+syn region doxygenSpecialMultilineDesc start=+.\++ skip=+^\s*\(\*[^/]\)\=\s*\([@\\]ar[^g]\|[^ \\@\t\*]\|\\[pcbea]\>\|\\em\>\|\\ref\>\|\\[\\<>&]\s*\<\)+ end=+^+ contained contains=doxygenSpecialContinueComment,doxygenSmallSpecial,@doxygenHtmlGroup skipwhite keepend
+syn match doxygenSpecialContinueComment contained +^\s*\*[^/]+me=e-1 nextgroup=doxygenSpecial skipwhite
+" Handle special cases 'bold' and 'group'
+syn keyword doxygenBold contained bold nextgroup=doxygenSpecialHeading
+syn keyword doxygenBriefWord contained brief nextgroup=doxygenBriefLine skipwhite
+syn match doxygenSpecialHeading +.\++ contained skipwhite
+syn keyword doxygenGroup contained group nextgroup=doxygenGroupName skipwhite
+syn keyword doxygenGroupName contained +\k\++ nextgroup=doxygenSpecialOnelineDesc skipwhite
+" Handle special symbol identifiers @$, @\, @$ etc
+syn match doxygenSymbol contained +[$\\&<>#]+
+" Simplistic handling of formula regions
+syn region doxygenFormula contained matchgroup=doxygenFormulaEnds start=+f\$+ end=+[@\\]f\$+ contains=doxygenFormulaSpecial,doxygenFormulaOperator
+syn match doxygenFormulaSpecial contained +[@\\]\(f[^$]\|[^f]\)+me=s+1 nextgroup=doxygenFormulaKeyword,doxygenFormulaEscaped
+syn match doxygenFormulaEscaped contained "."
+syn match doxygenFormulaKeyword contained "[a-z]\+"
+syn match doxygenFormulaOperator contained +[_^]+
+syn region doxygenFormula contained matchgroup=doxygenFormulaEnds start=+f\[+ end=+[@\\]f]+ contains=doxygenFormulaSpecial,doxygenFormulaOperator,doxygenAtom
+syn region doxygenAtom contained transparent matchgroup=doxygenFormulaOperator start=+{+ end=+}+ contains=doxygenAtom,doxygenFormulaSpecial,doxygenFormulaOperator
+" Add TODO hilighting.
+syn keyword doxygenTODO contained TODO README XXX FIXME
+" Supported HTML subset. Not perfect, but okay.
+syn case ignore
+syn region doxygenHtmlTag contained matchgroup=doxygenHtmlCh start=+</\=\ze\k\+\>+ skip=+\\<\|\<\k\+=\("[^"]*"\|'[^']*\)+ end=+>+ contains=doxygenHtmlCmd,doxygenContinueComment,doxygenHtmlVar
+syn keyword doxygenHtmlCmd contained b i em strong u img a br p center code dfn dl dd dt hr h1 h2 h3 li ol ul pre small sub sup table tt var caption nextgroup=doxygenHtmlVar skipwhite
+syn keyword doxygenHtmlVar contained src alt longdesc name height width usemap ismap href type nextgroup=doxygenHtmlEqu skipwhite
+syn match doxygenHtmlEqu contained +=+ nextgroup=doxygenHtmlExpr skipwhite
+syn match doxygenHtmlExpr contained +"\(\\.\|[^"]\)*"\|'\(\\.\|[^']\)*'+ nextgroup=doxygenHtmlVar skipwhite
+syn case match
+syn match doxygenHtmlSpecial contained "&\(copy\|quot\|[AEIOUYaeiouy]uml\|[AEIOUYaeiouy]acute\|[AEIOUaeiouy]grave\|[AEIOUaeiouy]circ\|[ANOano]tilde\|szlig\|[Aa]ring\|nbsp\);"
+syn cluster doxygenHtmlGroup contains=doxygenHtmlCode,doxygenHtmlBold,doxygenHtmlUnderline,doxygenHtmlItalic,doxygenHtmlSpecial,doxygenHtmlTag,doxygenHtmlLink
+syn cluster doxygenHtmlTop contains=@Spell,doxygenHtmlSpecial,doxygenHtmlTag,doxygenContinueComment
+" Html Support
+syn region doxygenHtmlLink contained start=+<[aA]\>\s*\(\n\s*\*\s*\)\=\(\(name\|href\)=\("[^"]*"\|'[^']*'\)\)\=\s*>+ end=+</[aA]>+me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop
+hi link doxygenHtmlLink Underlined
+syn region doxygenHtmlBold contained start="\c<b\>" end="\c</b>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,doxygenHtmlBoldUnderline,doxygenHtmlBoldItalic
+syn region doxygenHtmlBold contained start="\c<strong\>" end="\c</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,doxygenHtmlBoldUnderline,doxygenHtmlBoldItalic
+syn region doxygenHtmlBoldUnderline contained start="\c<u\>" end="\c</u>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,doxygenHtmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+syn region doxygenHtmlBoldItalic contained start="\c<i\>" end="\c</i>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,doxygenHtmlBoldItalicUnderline
+syn region doxygenHtmlBoldItalic contained start="\c<em\>" end="\c</em>"me=e-5 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,doxygenHtmlBoldItalicUnderline
+syn region doxygenHtmlBoldUnderlineItalic contained start="\c<i\>" end="\c</i>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop
+syn region doxygenHtmlBoldUnderlineItalic contained start="\c<em\>" end="\c</em>"me=e-5 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop
+syn region doxygenHtmlBoldItalicUnderline contained start="\c<u\>" end="\c</u>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,doxygenHtmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+syn region doxygenHtmlUnderline contained start="\c<u\>" end="\c</u>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,doxygenHtmlUnderlineBold,doxygenHtmlUnderlineItalic
+syn region doxygenHtmlUnderlineBold contained start="\c<b\>" end="\c</b>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,doxygenHtmlUnderlineBoldItalic
+syn region doxygenHtmlUnderlineBold contained start="\c<strong\>" end="\c</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,doxygenHtmlUnderlineBoldItalic
+syn region doxygenHtmlUnderlineItalic contained start="\c<i\>" end="\c</i>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,htmUnderlineItalicBold
+syn region doxygenHtmlUnderlineItalic contained start="\c<em\>" end="\c</em>"me=e-5 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,htmUnderlineItalicBold
+syn region doxygenHtmlUnderlineItalicBold contained start="\c<b\>" end="\c</b>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop
+syn region doxygenHtmlUnderlineItalicBold contained start="\c<strong\>" end="\c</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop
+syn region doxygenHtmlUnderlineBoldItalic contained start="\c<i\>" end="\c</i>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop
+syn region doxygenHtmlUnderlineBoldItalic contained start="\c<em\>" end="\c</em>"me=e-5 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop
+syn region doxygenHtmlItalic contained start="\c<i\>" end="\c</i>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,doxygenHtmlItalicBold,doxygenHtmlItalicUnderline
+syn region doxygenHtmlItalic contained start="\c<em\>" end="\c</em>"me=e-5 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop
+syn region doxygenHtmlItalicBold contained start="\c<b\>" end="\c</b>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,doxygenHtmlItalicBoldUnderline
+syn region doxygenHtmlItalicBold contained start="\c<strong\>" end="\c</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,doxygenHtmlItalicBoldUnderline
+syn region doxygenHtmlItalicBoldUnderline contained start="\c<u\>" end="\c</u>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop
+syn region doxygenHtmlItalicUnderline contained start="\c<u\>" end="\c</u>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop,doxygenHtmlItalicUnderlineBold
+syn region doxygenHtmlItalicUnderlineBold contained start="\c<b\>" end="\c</b>"me=e-4 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop
+syn region doxygenHtmlItalicUnderlineBold contained start="\c<strong\>" end="\c</strong>"me=e-9 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop
+syn region doxygenHtmlCode contained start="\c<code\>" end="\c</code>"me=e-7 contains=@doxygenHtmlTop
+" Prevent the doxygen contained matches from leaking into the c groups.
+syn cluster cParenGroup add=doxygen.*
+syn cluster cPreProcGroup add=doxygen.*
+syn cluster cMultiGroup add=doxygen.*
+syn cluster rcParenGroup add=doxygen.*
+syn cluster rcGroup add=doxygen.*
+" Trick to force special doxygen hilighting if the background changes (need to
+" syn clear first)
+if exists("did_doxygen_syntax_inits")
+ if did_doxygen_syntax_inits != &background && synIDattr(highlightID('doxygen_Dummy'), 'fg', 'gui')==''
+ command -nargs=+ HiColour hi <args>
+ unlet did_doxygen_syntax_inits
+ endif
+ command -nargs=+ HiColour hi def <args>
+if !exists("did_doxygen_syntax_inits")
+ command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
+ let did_doxygen_syntax_inits = &background
+ hi doxygen_Dummy guifg=black
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlSpecial Special
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlVar Type
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlExpr String
+ HiLink doxygenSmallSpecial SpecialChar
+ HiLink doxygenSpecialCodeWord doxygenSmallSpecial
+ HiLink doxygenSpecialEmphasisedWord doxygenSmallSpecial
+ HiLink doxygenSpecialBoldWord doxygenSmallSpecial
+ " HiColour doxygenFormulaKeyword cterm=bold ctermfg=DarkMagenta guifg=DarkMagenta gui=bold
+ HiLink doxygenFormulaKeyword Keyword
+ "HiColour doxygenFormulaEscaped ctermfg=DarkMagenta guifg=DarkMagenta gui=bold
+ HiLink doxygenFormulaEscaped Special
+ HiLink doxygenFormulaOperator Operator
+ HiLink doxygenFormula Statement
+ HiLink doxygenSymbol Constant
+ HiLink doxygenSpecial Special
+ HiLink doxygenFormulaSpecial Special
+ "HiColour doxygenFormulaSpecial ctermfg=DarkBlue guifg=DarkBlue
+ if exists('doxygen_enhanced_color') || exists('doxygen_enhanced_colour')
+ if &background=='light'
+ HiColour doxygenComment ctermfg=DarkRed guifg=DarkRed
+ HiColour doxygenBrief cterm=bold ctermfg=Cyan guifg=DarkBlue gui=bold
+ HiColour doxygenBody ctermfg=DarkBlue guifg=DarkBlue
+ HiColour doxygenSpecialTypeOnelineDesc cterm=bold ctermfg=DarkRed guifg=firebrick3 gui=bold
+ HiColour doxygenBOther cterm=bold ctermfg=DarkMagenta guifg=#aa50aa gui=bold
+ HiColour doxygenParam ctermfg=DarkGray guifg=#aa50aa
+ HiColour doxygenParamName cterm=italic ctermfg=DarkBlue guifg=DeepSkyBlue4 gui=italic,bold
+ HiColour doxygenSpecialOnelineDesc cterm=bold ctermfg=DarkCyan guifg=DodgerBlue3 gui=bold
+ HiColour doxygenSpecialHeading cterm=bold ctermfg=DarkBlue guifg=DeepSkyBlue4 gui=bold
+ HiColour doxygenPrev ctermfg=DarkGreen guifg=DarkGreen
+ else
+ HiColour doxygenComment ctermfg=LightRed guifg=LightRed
+ HiColour doxygenBrief cterm=bold ctermfg=Cyan ctermbg=darkgrey guifg=Blue gui=bold
+ HiColour doxygenBody ctermfg=Cyan guifg=Blue
+ HiColour doxygenSpecialTypeOnelineDesc cterm=bold ctermfg=Red guifg=firebrick3 gui=bold
+ HiColour doxygenBOther cterm=bold ctermfg=Magenta guifg=#aa50aa gui=bold
+ HiColour doxygenParam ctermfg=LightGray guifg=LightGray
+ HiColour doxygenParamName cterm=italic ctermfg=LightBlue guifg=LightBlue gui=italic,bold
+ HiColour doxygenSpecialOnelineDesc cterm=bold ctermfg=LightCyan guifg=LightCyan gui=bold
+ HiColour doxygenSpecialHeading cterm=bold ctermfg=LightBlue guifg=LightBlue gui=bold
+ HiColour doxygenPrev ctermfg=LightGreen guifg=LightGreen
+ endif
+ else
+ HiLink doxygenComment SpecialComment
+ HiLink doxygenBrief Statement
+ HiLink doxygenBody Comment
+ HiLink doxygenSpecialTypeOnelineDesc Statement
+ HiLink doxygenBOther Constant
+ HiLink doxygenParam SpecialComment
+ HiLink doxygenParamName Underlined
+ HiLink doxygenSpecialOnelineDesc Statement
+ HiLink doxygenSpecialHeading Statement
+ HiLink doxygenPrev SpecialComment
+ endif
+ HiLink doxygenBody Comment
+ HiLink doxygenTODO Todo
+ HiLink doxygenOtherTODO Todo
+ HiLink doxygenOtherWARN Todo
+ HiLink doxygenOtherBUG Todo
+ HiLink doxygenErrorSpecial Error
+ HiLink doxygenErrorEnd Error
+ HiLink doxygenErrorComment Error
+ HiLink doxygenBriefSpecial doxygenSpecial
+ HiLink doxygenSpecialMultilineDesc doxygenSpecialOnelineDesc
+ HiLink doxygenFormulaEnds doxygenSpecial
+ HiLink doxygenBold doxygenParam
+ HiLink doxygenBriefWord doxygenParam
+ HiLink doxygenRetval doxygenParam
+ HiLink doxygenOther doxygenParam
+ HiLink doxygenStart doxygenComment
+ HiLink doxygenStart2 doxygenStart
+ HiLink doxygenComment2 doxygenComment
+ HiLink doxygenCommentL doxygenComment
+ HiLink doxygenContinueComment doxygenComment
+ HiLink doxygenSpecialContinueComment doxygenComment
+ HiLink doxygenSkipComment doxygenComment
+ HiLink doxygenEndComment doxygenComment
+ HiLink doxygenStartL doxygenComment
+ HiLink doxygenPrevL doxygenPrev
+ HiLink doxygenBriefL doxygenBrief
+ HiLink doxygenBriefLine doxygenBrief
+ HiLink doxygenHeaderLine doxygenSpecialHeading
+ HiLink doxygenStartSkip doxygenContinueComment
+ HiLink doxygenLinkWord doxygenParamName
+ HiLink doxygenLinkRest doxygenSpecialMultilineDesc
+ HiLink doxygenPage doxygenSpecial
+ HiLink doxygenPagePage doxygenBOther
+ HiLink doxygenPageIdent doxygenParamName
+ HiLink doxygenPageDesc doxygenSpecialTypeOnelineDesc
+ HiLink doxygenSpecialIdent doxygenPageIdent
+ HiLink doxygenSpecialSectionDesc doxygenSpecialMultilineDesc
+ HiLink doxygenSpecialRefWord doxygenOther
+ HiLink doxygenRefWord doxygenPageIdent
+ HiLink doxygenContinueLinkComment doxygenComment
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlCh Function
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlCmd Statement
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlBoldItalicUnderline doxygenHtmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlUnderlineBold doxygenHtmlBoldUnderline
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlUnderlineItalicBold doxygenHtmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlUnderlineBoldItalic doxygenHtmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlItalicUnderline doxygenHtmlUnderlineItalic
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlItalicBold doxygenHtmlBoldItalic
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlItalicBoldUnderline doxygenHtmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlItalicUnderlineBold doxygenHtmlBoldUnderlineItalic
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlLink Underlined
+ HiLink doxygenParamDirection StorageClass
+ if !exists("doxygen_my_rendering") && !exists("html_my_rendering")
+ HiColour doxygenCodeWord term=bold cterm=bold font=Lucida_Console:h10
+ HiColour doxygenBoldWord term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
+ HiColour doxygenEmphasisedWord term=italic cterm=italic gui=italic
+ HiLink doxygenArgumentWord doxygenEmphasisedWord
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlCode doxygenCodeWord
+ HiLink doxygenHtmlBold doxygenBoldWord
+ HiColour doxygenHtmlBoldUnderline term=bold,underline cterm=bold,underline gui=bold,underline
+ HiColour doxygenHtmlBoldItalic term=bold,italic cterm=bold,italic gui=bold,italic
+ HiColour doxygenHtmlBoldUnderlineItalic term=bold,italic,underline cterm=bold,italic,underline gui=bold,italic,underline
+ HiColour doxygenHtmlUnderline term=underline cterm=underline gui=underline
+ HiColour doxygenHtmlUnderlineItalic term=italic,underline cterm=italic,underline gui=italic,underline
+ HiColour doxygenHtmlItalic term=italic cterm=italic gui=italic
+ endif
+ delcommand HiLink
+ delcommand HiColour
+if &syntax=='idl'
+ syn cluster idlCommentable add=doxygenComment,doxygenCommentL
+"syn sync clear
+"syn sync maxlines=500
+"syn sync minlines=50
+if v:version >= 600
+syn sync match doxygenComment groupthere cComment "/\@<!/\*"
+syn sync match doxygenSyncComment grouphere doxygenComment "/\@<!/\*[*!]"
+syn sync match doxygencComment groupthere cComment "/\*"
+syn sync match doxygenSyncComment grouphere doxygenComment "/\*[*!]"
+"syn sync match doxygenSyncComment grouphere doxygenComment "/\*[*!]" contains=doxygenStart,doxygenTODO keepend
+syn sync match doxygenSyncEndComment groupthere NONE "\*/"
+if !exists('b:current_syntax')
+ let b:current_syntax = "doxygen"
+ let b:current_syntax = b:current_syntax.'+doxygen'
+let &cpo = s:cpo_save
+unlet s:cpo_save
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