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Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 1.15

    Michael Geddes committed with
    1.  Words like `Class#Member' is highlighted together as a link in my
    2.  I used `doxygenHyperLink' instead of `doxygenHttpLink' and
        highlighted http, https, and ftp protocols.
    3.  I added the missing `doxygenSpecialArgumentWord' to make `\a' (not
        the word after) appear the same way as `\c'.
    4.  I made some adjustments in font choosing on non-Windows platforms.
    5.  The `Last Change' date is not updated in your file.
    6.  There are some trailing spaces in your file.
  2. Version 1.14

    Michael Geddes committed with
    Fixed up  \c words ending in )  (Wu Yongwei)
     - With auto-brief //!< followed by /** shouldn't supress the auto-brief in   the /**. (Reported by Markus Trenkwalder)
     - Allow numbers in @link linkwords (Reporeted by Wu Yongwei)
    - Don't treat # preceded by a word-end as a Hash-special (Reported by Wu Yongwei)
    - include # (@c #include) in the small-specials allowed chars. (Wu  Yongwei)
     - Highlight http[s] links (Wu Yongwei)
     - Various (Wu Yongwei)
  3. Version 1.12

    Michael Geddes committed with
    - Fixed up ending of brief lines with respect to line @ commands and  end-comment. Not ending a brief no longer produces an error-comment.
  4. Version 1.11

    Michael Geddes committed with
       - Allow doxygen comments inside brackets (Suggested by Zygmunt Krynicki)
       - Restore correct font selection (Wu Yongwei)
       - Don't end brief when encountering ? or ! as this isn't what happens with doxygen.
       - Make punctuation an option.
       - Make short words end with a , eg \c word,  (Wu Yongwei)
       - Thanks to Joseph Barker for pointing out that I had a syntax error in  1.10
  5. Version 1.9

    Michael Geddes committed with
    Thanks to Toby Allsopp for this version:
     - Allow javadoc style auto-brief to be disabled
     - Move various definitions from single to multiline definitions
    Also added the .txt help file.
  6. Version 1.8

    Michael Geddes committed with
     - Fix up some regions not marked as contained (code, verbatim, dot being highlighted outside of the doxygen region) (Toby Allsopp) - Only mark recognised HTML tags (Suggested by Mike Anderson)
  7. Version 1.7

    Michael Geddes committed with
      - Ignore Errors when loading from idl.
      - Try and match # and \c &c support to match what really happens. (Reported by Wu Yongwei)
      - Don't go into doxygen mode for /**/
      - Fix up syncing of brief after a \def or similar line - character
        immediately following a leading asterisk were being hilighted long.
      - Try and work out a better default font for \c
      - add support for \code \endcode \verbatim \endverbatim (no contained elements) (suggested Yongwei)
      - add contained support for dot (\dot \enddot)
      - support html <!-- --> comments.
      - support for params inside \c \ref brackets (can contain spaces?).
      - highlight closing */ as error when found inside \code, \verbatim sections as well as \c, \ref sections with
        unmatched brackets.
  8. Version 1.6

    Michael Geddes committed with
     - Fix up # support.
     - Highlight \\endlink properly.
     - Don&#039t mark */ as an error where there is no brief, or @{ is used.
  9. Version 1.5

    Michael Geddes committed with
    - Make sure @c \c and friends are equivalent for the start of a brief section.- Allow @c \c and friends to cross lines. (Caveat, they can't be hard up  against a continuation '*' - it just gets tooo difficult).- Highlight a missing \endlink as an error.- Fix multiline description without a '*'
  10. Version 1.4

    Michael Geddes committed with
    - Patches from Wu Yongwei
      * Include '-' in inline \c \e maching.
      * \see, \return are multiline desc.
      * \throw can now handle std::alloc (colons were confusing it)
    - Fixed support for <a href=> links.
    - Reported by Wu Yongwei
      * Handle [in,out] in \param.
      * Handle non-terminating . in a brief description (eg A.B)
      * allow leading asterix inside HTML marks.
      * Fix up <a> link hilighting when interupted by new-lines and comment
      * Handle the case where \c \ref etc are used at the beginning of a 'brief'
    - Fixed termination of multiline at start of new command.
    - Include John McGehee's instructions.
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