Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 1.9

    Michael Geddes committed with vim-scripts Jan 7, 2005
    Thanks to Toby Allsopp for this version:
     - Allow javadoc style auto-brief to be disabled
     - Move various definitions from single to multiline definitions
    Also added the .txt help file.
  2. Version 1.8

    Michael Geddes committed with vim-scripts Dec 10, 2004
     - Fix up some regions not marked as contained (code, verbatim, dot being highlighted outside of the doxygen region) (Toby Allsopp) - Only mark recognised HTML tags (Suggested by Mike Anderson)
  3. Version 1.7

    Michael Geddes committed with vim-scripts Aug 15, 2004
      - Ignore Errors when loading from idl.
      - Try and match # and \c &c support to match what really happens. (Reported by Wu Yongwei)
      - Don't go into doxygen mode for /**/
      - Fix up syncing of brief after a \def or similar line - character
        immediately following a leading asterisk were being hilighted long.
      - Try and work out a better default font for \c
      - add support for \code \endcode \verbatim \endverbatim (no contained elements) (suggested Yongwei)
      - add contained support for dot (\dot \enddot)
      - support html <!-- --> comments.
      - support for params inside \c \ref brackets (can contain spaces?).
      - highlight closing */ as error when found inside \code, \verbatim sections as well as \c, \ref sections with
        unmatched brackets.
  4. Version 1.6

    Michael Geddes committed with vim-scripts Aug 10, 2004
     - Fix up # support.
     - Highlight \\endlink properly.
     - Don&#039t mark */ as an error where there is no brief, or @{ is used.
  5. Version 1.5

    Michael Geddes committed with vim-scripts Aug 6, 2004
    - Make sure @c \c and friends are equivalent for the start of a brief section.- Allow @c \c and friends to cross lines. (Caveat, they can't be hard up  against a continuation '*' - it just gets tooo difficult).- Highlight a missing \endlink as an error.- Fix multiline description without a '*'
  6. Version 1.4

    Michael Geddes committed with vim-scripts Aug 2, 2004
    - Patches from Wu Yongwei
      * Include '-' in inline \c \e maching.
      * \see, \return are multiline desc.
      * \throw can now handle std::alloc (colons were confusing it)
    - Fixed support for <a href=> links.
    - Reported by Wu Yongwei
      * Handle [in,out] in \param.
      * Handle non-terminating . in a brief description (eg A.B)
      * allow leading asterix inside HTML marks.
      * Fix up <a> link hilighting when interupted by new-lines and comment
      * Handle the case where \c \ref etc are used at the beginning of a 'brief'
    - Fixed termination of multiline at start of new command.
    - Include John McGehee's instructions.