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Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 1.14

    Michael Geddes committed with
    Fixed up  \c words ending in )  (Wu Yongwei)
     - With auto-brief //!< followed by /** shouldn't supress the auto-brief in   the /**. (Reported by Markus Trenkwalder)
     - Allow numbers in @link linkwords (Reporeted by Wu Yongwei)
    - Don't treat # preceded by a word-end as a Hash-special (Reported by Wu Yongwei)
    - include # (@c #include) in the small-specials allowed chars. (Wu  Yongwei)
     - Highlight http[s] links (Wu Yongwei)
     - Various (Wu Yongwei)
  2. Version 1.12

    Michael Geddes committed with
    - Fixed up ending of brief lines with respect to line @ commands and  end-comment. Not ending a brief no longer produces an error-comment.
  3. Version 1.11

    Michael Geddes committed with
       - Allow doxygen comments inside brackets (Suggested by Zygmunt Krynicki)
       - Restore correct font selection (Wu Yongwei)
       - Don't end brief when encountering ? or ! as this isn't what happens with doxygen.
       - Make punctuation an option.
       - Make short words end with a , eg \c word,  (Wu Yongwei)
       - Thanks to Joseph Barker for pointing out that I had a syntax error in  1.10
  4. Version 1.9

    Michael Geddes committed with
    Thanks to Toby Allsopp for this version:
     - Allow javadoc style auto-brief to be disabled
     - Move various definitions from single to multiline definitions
    Also added the .txt help file.
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