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DoxyGen Highlighting on top of c/c++/java
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Latest commit c72d29f Dec 12, 2005 Michael Geddes committed with Version 1.15
1.  Words like `Class#Member' is highlighted together as a link in my
2.  I used `doxygenHyperLink' instead of `doxygenHttpLink' and
    highlighted http, https, and ftp protocols.
3.  I added the missing `doxygenSpecialArgumentWord' to make `\a' (not
    the word after) appear the same way as `\c'.
4.  I made some adjustments in font choosing on non-Windows platforms.
5.  The `Last Change' date is not updated in your file.
6.  There are some trailing spaces in your file.
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This is a mirror of

This Script has been moved into Vim7.

:set syntax=cpp.doxygen

Provides DoxyGen Highlighting on top of c/c++/idl/java.  DoxyGen is close to JavaDoc that it should be fine for JavaDoc as well.  It supports most of the keywords in DoxyGen in one way or another.

There may be some problems where doxygen tags need to be included in exclusion groups of the c/c++/java/idl files.

At the moment, it uses non-conventional colours, which I think is good, as it differentiates it from the source-code.  Please let me know if your opinion differs, especially if you have a set of standard defaults that would be appropriate.

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