Fast and Easy Find and Replace Across Multiple Files
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EasyGrep is a plugin for performing search and replace operations through multiple files. Vim already has builtin support for searching through files with its 'vimgrep' and 'grep' commands, but EasyGrep makes using them much, much easier. It also provides a powerful "Replace in Files" operation, something that is not very easy to do in Vim by default. With EasyGrep, you can specify with high-precision exactly the type of files you want to search, whether it be all files, only open buffers, only files matching a pattern, etc. Additionally, you can easily specify searching through hidden files, case-sensitivity, performing a recursive search, and many more options that make searching more easy.

EasyGrep provides both key mappings and commands to make search and replace easy. When using EasyGrep, searching for a word is as easy as typing <leader>vv (v v, not double-u) over the word for which you want to search.  This search can also be accomplished with the :Grep command and a user-specified pattern. Performing a "replace in files" is similar; type <leader>vr or use the :Replace command. Setting options is easy, simply type <leader>vo or :GrepOptions.  EasyGrep provides a great set of defaults but can also be configured to start up just how you like it; see the script for these options.  Most vimgrep (and grepprg) options are supported.  

For a screencast of the script in action go here:


    <Leader>vv  - Grep for the word under the cursor, match all occurences,
                  like |gstar|
    <Leader>vV  - Grep for the word under the cursor, match whole word, like 
    <Leader>va  - Like vv, but add to existing list
    <Leader>vA  - Like vV, but add to existing list
    <Leader>vr  - Perform a global search search on the word under the cursor
                  and prompt for a pattern with which to replace it.
    <Leader>vo  - Select the files to search in and set grep options


    :Grep [arg]
        Search for the specified arg, like <Leader>vv.  When an ! is added,
        search like <Leader>vV

    :GrepAdd [arg]
        Search for the specified arg, add to existing file list, as in
        <Leader>va.  When an ! is added, search like <Leader>vA

    :Replace [target] [replacement]
        Perform a global search and replace.  The function searches
        the same set of files a grep for the desired target and opens a dialog to
        confirm replacement.
        Undoes the last :Replace operation.  Does not stack successive
        searches; only the last replace may be undone.  This function may not
        work well when edits are made between a call to Replace and a call to

    :GrepOptions [arg]
        Open a window to set grep options.