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FileFastSelector plugin tries to provide fast way to open files using minimal number of keystrokes. It's inspired by Command-T plugin but requires python support instead of ruby.
Files are selected by typing characters that appear in their paths, and are ordered by length of common substring with search string.
Root directory for search is current vim directory. Or if tags file exists somewhere in parent directories its path will be used as root.
Source code is also available on bitbucket:
NOTE: FileFastSelector requires a version of VIM with Python support enabled.
Command :FFS toggles visibility of fast file selector buffer.
Parameter g:FFS_window_height sets height of search buffer. Default = 15.
Parameter g:FFS_ignore_list sets list of dirs/files to ignore use Unix shell-style wildcards. Default = ['.*', '*.bak', '~*', '*~', '*.obj', '*.pdb', '*.res', '*.dll', '*.idb', '*.exe', '*.lib', '*.so', '*.a', '*.pyc', 'CMakeFiles'].
Parameter g:FFS_ignore_case, if set letters case will be ignored during search. On windows default = 1, on unix default = 0.
Parameter g:FFS_history_size sets the maximum number of stored search queries in history. Default = 10.
To get queries history press <Ctrl-H> in insert or normal mode in
search string. Autocompletion using history also works by