Commits on Jan 29, 2014
  1. @madevgeny

    Version 0.3.3

    Fixed work on some vim builds.
    Support of vim builds with enabled python3 support.
    madevgeny committed with Dec 18, 2013
Commits on Sep 28, 2013
  1. @madevgeny

    Version 0.3.1

    Removed message "press any key to continue" in some cases. Thanks to Dmitry Frank.
    Fixed error on closing FFS window in some cases. Thanks to Dmitry Frank.
    madevgeny committed with Aug 11, 2013
Commits on Nov 30, 2012
  1. @madevgeny

    Version 0.3.0

    Fixed issue with TabBar plugin.
    Added parameter g:FFS_be_silent_on_python_lack to suppress error message if vim doesn't have python support.
    madevgeny committed with Nov 10, 2012
  2. @madevgeny

    Version 0.2.3

    Fixed opening files with spaces in path.
    Fixed case sensitive search.
    Removed fastfileselector buffer from buffers list.
    madevgeny committed with Nov 4, 2012
Commits on Aug 16, 2012
  1. @madevgeny

    Version 0.2.2

    Fixed autocompletion by <Ctrl-X><Ctrl-U>.
    Fixed immediate opening of first file after closing history menu.
    Removed '&#039 and '/' from color highlighting as they	may produce errors.
    madevgeny committed with Aug 11, 2012
Commits on Aug 8, 2012
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