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This pluging lets you debug your applications with gdb from vim,
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This is a mirror of


    GdbFromVim requires Vim 7.3+ compiled with Python support.
    Python 2.6+
    Gdblib -

You can obtain the latest GdbFromVim development version from :

Setting the application to debug:  let g:gdb_from_vim_app = 'application'
Settings the arguments for the application: let g:gdb_from_vim_args = 'arguments'
GdbFromVimRun:  This command starts the execution of the program.

GdbFromVimStep:  This commands steps into a function.

GdbFromVimNext:   This commands pass over a function.

GdbFromVimAddBreakpoint:  This command adds a breakpoint in the current line.

GdbFromVimDeleteBreakpoint:This command deletes the breakpoint specified by its number.

GdbFromVimDeleteAllBreakpoints: This command deletes all the breakpoints previously set.

GdbFromVimClear: This commands deletes the breakpoint in the current line.

GdbFromVimPrint: This command prints the value of a variable, it requires an argument, For example: GdbFromVimPrint point->x

GdbFromVimPrintBreakpoints:This command prints all the breakpoints set in the application, the values are printed in the quickfix list.
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