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shows 'Nth match out of M' at every search (index of match+total # matches)
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This is a mirror of

" This plugin redefines 6 search commands (/,?,n,N,*,#). At every
" search command, it automatically prints
"        "At match #N out of M matches".
" -- the total number of matches (M) and the number(index) of current
" match (N). This helps to get oriented when searching forward and
" backward.
" To try out the plugin, source it and play with N,n,*,#,/,? commands.
" There are no new commands and no new behavior to learn. 
" Just watch the bottom line when you do /,?,n,N,*,#.
" Works on vim6 and vim7.  Won't cause slowdown
" on very large files (but then counters are not displayed).
" -----------------------------------------------------
" Checking At which Match Number You Are
" .....................................................
" You can press g/ or \\ or \/ (that's backslach then slash),to show 
" at which match index you are, without moving the cursor.
" Messages are:
"     At Nth match of M (if cursor is exactly on the match)
"     Betwen matches N1-N2 of M (if cursor is between matches)
"     At single match
"     Before first match, of N
"     After last match, of N
" Command  ':ShowSearchIndex'  shows same information.
" ------------------------------------------------------
" To disable colors for messages, set 'let g:indexed_search_colors=0'.
" ------------------------------------------------------
" Performance.     Plugin bypasses the calculation of match index when 
" it would take too much time (too many matches, too large file). You can
" tune performance limits, look into script sources after comment 
" "Performance tuning limits".
" ------------------------------------------------------
" In case of bugs and wishes, please email to:  
" at
" ------------------------------------------------------
" To show slightly shorter messages, define 'let g:indexed_search_shortmess=1'

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