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Dark and light color scheme (GUI and 256 color terminal)
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This is a mirror of

This file contains three color schemes that focus on using blues and greens.

The original dark color scheme started out by combining pieces of several
other color schemes and has evolved into what it is today. Those color
schemes are:

* oceandeep (vimscript #368)
* peaksea (vimscript #760)
* wombat (vimscript #1778)
* moria (vimscript #1464)
* zenburn (vimscript #415)

The default color scheme is the original, dark scheme. You can change this by
setting the g:lucius_style variable to "light", "dark", or "blue". Once the
color scheme is loaded, you can use the commands "LuciusLight", "LuciusDark",
and "LuciusBlue" to change schemes quickly.

Screenshots of the different color schemes in a Windows 7 GUI:

* Dark:
* Light:
* Blue:

colorsupport.vim (vimscript #2682) is used to help with mapping the GUI
settings to the 256 terminal colors.

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