Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 4.0

    dfishburn committed with vim-scripts Jun 4, 2010
    New Features
    - Updated documentation.  Added a troubleshooting section (Zsolt Botykai).
    - Updated outlookvim.js to display a message if double clicked on to determine if Windows Script Host is correctly installed.
    - Updated outlookvim.bas (the Outlook VBScript Macro) to show an error if it cannot access the file system.  Modified all the message boxes Outlook may display to indicate "OutlookVim:" is displaying the message.
    - You can specify whether new emails should be opened in a new tab via the g:outlook_use_tabs configuration option (Zsolt Botykai).
    After unzipping the contents into your vimfiles directory, copy and paste the outlookvim.bas file into your Outlook macro created earlier (ALT-F11 in Outlook).
    Also from within Vim run (choose the location where the plugin was installed):
    :helptags $VIM\vimfiles\doc
  2. Version 3.0

    dfishburn committed with vim-scripts May 10, 2010
     New Features
     - You can specify which Vim instance to edit the file by setting a variable in your .vimrc (i.e. let g:outlook_servername = 'OUTLOOK')
     Bug Fixes
     - For some (international?) Windows versions, there were errors when (or a failure) editing the file.  Needed to escape the backslashes of the filename.
  3. Version 2.0

    dfishburn committed with vim-scripts May 7, 2010
    This version adds support for Microsoft Outlook 2007 as well as earlier versions.
    Documentation improvements.