Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 5.0

    New Features
    - Changed how the script looks for some system files especially useful if you do not store your vimfiles directory in the $VIM directory (Adam Duck).
    dfishburn committed with Aug 14, 2010
  2. Version 4.0

    New Features
    - Updated documentation.  Added a troubleshooting section (Zsolt Botykai).
    - Updated outlookvim.js to display a message if double clicked on to determine if Windows Script Host is correctly installed.
    - Updated outlookvim.bas (the Outlook VBScript Macro) to show an error if it cannot access the file system.  Modified all the message boxes Outlook may display to indicate "OutlookVim:" is displaying the message.
    - You can specify whether new emails should be opened in a new tab via the g:outlook_use_tabs configuration option (Zsolt Botykai).
    After unzipping the contents into your vimfiles directory, copy and paste the outlookvim.bas file into your Outlook macro created earlier (ALT-F11 in Outlook).
    Also from within Vim run (choose the location where the plugin was installed):
    :helptags $VIM\vimfiles\doc
    dfishburn committed with Jun 4, 2010
  3. Version 3.0

     New Features
     - You can specify which Vim instance to edit the file by setting a variable in your .vimrc (i.e. let g:outlook_servername = 'OUTLOOK')
     Bug Fixes
     - For some (international?) Windows versions, there were errors when (or a failure) editing the file.  Needed to escape the backslashes of the filename.
    dfishburn committed with May 10, 2010
  4. Version 2.0

    This version adds support for Microsoft Outlook 2007 as well as earlier versions.
    Documentation improvements.
    dfishburn committed with May 7, 2010