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This is a mirror of
Ozzy is very straightforward to use. Once installed, you can start editing your
favourite files as always. Once you open a file Ozzy registers it and from then
you can open that file with the following command:
:Ozzy <file name>
If Ozzy has in its database only one file that match the given <file name>,
then that file is opened. If Ozzy find more that one match in its database,
it has to decide what is the right file to open. By default Ozzy opens the most
frquently used file but you can change this behaviour to open the most recently
used file, or even the file closest to the current working directory (context mode).
If you want to open a file regardless its frequency, access time or the current context,
you can specify a partial path:
:Ozzy <partial path>/<file name>
But what if you want to open a bunch of files at the same time? Well, if you
end the `<file name>` with a forward slash `/`, Ozzy will interpret it as
a directory and it will open all files contained into it (not recursively and
only those files that Ozzy has in its database will be opened).
If the filename is long or you don't remember part of it you can use command
line completion using the <TAB> key to cycle through possible matches.
Other powerful commands are:
* OzzyInspect: to open the inspector from where you can view the entire database
content and modify it.
* OzzyRemove and OzzyKeepLast: to remove files from the database.
Get the lastest version here:
NOTE: Ozzy has been fully tested only on mac os 10.6 and linux platforms.
NOTE2: Ozzy is still in beta. If something does not work for you let me know about it.
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