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+This is a mirror of
+A script to interact with interpreters that have REPL.
+Main features:
+* non-intrusive
+* cross-platform (you need to install AND build Vimproc from
+* syntax highlighting is supported
+* easy to customise and add new interpreters (see plugin/repl.vim for details)
+Interpreters supported out of box:
+Shell: bash, tcsh, cmd.exe
+Haskell: GHCi, Hugs
+Scheme: Racket, Chicken
+Computer algebra: REDUCE, Maxima
+ :Open<YourInterpreter> <ExtraArguments> - start session
+ e.g.
+ :OpenGHCi to start GHCi
+ :OpenGHCi! to forcefully start a new session in a new window
+ :CloseRepl (local to the repl window) - disconnect REPL
+ :CloseRepl! - disconnect and wipeout the buffer
+ :SaveInput <filename> - save input lines, use ! to force overwrite
+ global:
+ <Leader>e - in normal mode: send current line to the interpreter, in visual mode: send selection
+Local to the REPL window (normal mode only)
+ <Return> - send current command to the interpreter
+ <C-J> - copy current command to the command prompt
+ <C-K> - recall previous command to the command prompt
+ <count>[[ - navigate to the start of the current or previous command
+ <count>]] - navigate to the start of the next command
+ <count>[] - go to the end of the previous command
+ <count>][ - go to the end of current or the next command
+The following function can be used to define your own mappings or autocommands:
+ repl#SendText(bufOrType, text)
+ bufOrType: buffer number or its type ('' means currently active buffer)
+ text: a list of strings to join and send to REPL
+ You may edit and re-execute commands and the plugin should update output using its markers
+Feel free to send you comments. Especially I would like to hear what autocommands are worth using besides CursorHold
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