Reload a VIM script during script development.
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Re-sources a Vim script. The script may use a multiple inclusion guard
variable g:loaded_{scriptname} (with {scriptname} having either the same case
as specified or all lowercase.) 
If you specify the bare scriptname (without .vim extension), the script must
reside in $VIMRUNTIME/plugin/{scriptname}.vim. Otherwise, the passed filespec
is interpreted as the file system location of a Vim script and sourced as-is. 
If you execute :ReloadScript without passing a scriptname, the current buffer
is re-sourced. 

ReloadScript				Re-sources the current buffer. 
ReloadScript {scriptname}		Re-sources the passed plugin script. 
ReloadScript {path/to/script.vim}	Re-sources the passed file. 

Not every script supports reloading. There may be error messages like
"function already exists". To support reloading, the script should use the
bang (!) variants of :function! and :command!, which will automatically
override already existing elements. 

Ensure that the script uses a multiple inclusion guard variable that conforms
to the conventions mentioned above. The :ReloadScript command will issue a
warning if it cannot find the inclusion guard variable.