Replace text with the contents of a register.
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This is a mirror of

Replacing an existing text with the contents of a register is a very common
task during editing. One typically first deletes the existing text via the
d, D or dd commands, then pastes the register with p or P. Most of
the time, the unnamed register is involved, with the following pitfall: If you
forget to delete into the black-hole register ("_), the replacement text is

This plugin offers a two-in-one command that replaces text covered by a
{motion}, entire line(s) or the current selection with the contents of a
register; the old text is deleted into the black-hole register, i.e. it's
gone. (But of course, the command can be easily undone.)

The replacement mode (characters or entire lines) is determined by the
replacement command / selection, not by the register contents. This avoids
surprises like when the replacement text was a linewise yank, but the
replacement is characterwise: In this case, no additional newline is inserted.

- ReplaceWithSameIndentRegister.vim (vimscript #5046) is a companion plugin
  for the special (but frequent) case of replacing lines while keeping the
  original indent.
- LineJugglerCommands.vim (vimscript #4465) provides a similar :Replace [["]x]
  Ex command.

- regreplop.vim (vimscript #2702) provides an alternative implementation of
  the same idea.
- operator-replace (vimscript #2782) provides replacement of {motion} only,
  depends on another library of the author, and does not have a default
- Luc Hermitte has an elegant minimalistic visual-mode mapping in
- EasyClip ( changes the delete
  commands to stop yanking, introduces a new "m" command for cutting, and also
  provides an "s" substitution operator that pastes register contents over the
  moved-over text.

[count]["x]gr{motion}   Replace {motion} text with the contents of register x.
                        Especially when using the unnamed register, this is
                        quicker than "_d{motion}P or "_c{motion}<C-R>"
[count]["x]grr          Replace [count] lines with the contents of register x.
                        To replace from the cursor position to the end of the
                        line use ["x]gr$
{Visual}["x]gr          Replace the selection with the contents of register x.