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+This is a mirror of
+SQLComplete.vim is a plugin which uses the new Vim7 OMNI completion features (intellisense code completion).
+SQLComplete.vim version 4.0 is included in the Vim 7.0 release.
+SQLComplete.vim version 5.0 is included in the Vim 7.1 release.
+SQLComplete.vim version 6.0 is included in the Vim 7.2 release.
+SQLComplete.vim version 9.0 is included in the Vim 7.3 release.
+What does it do:
+Completion for the SQL language includes statements, functions, keywords, operators and database options which it draws from the current SQL syntax file in use. Vim ships with 9 different SQL syntax files (Oracle, Informix, MySQL, SQL Anywhere, ...). You can choose different SQL dialects using the command (see :h sql-dialects):
+:SQLSetType sqlanywhere
+:SQLSetType <Tab> will cycle through the installed dialects.
+It will also dynamically complete tables, procedures, views and column lists with data pulled directly from within a database. It does this in conjunction with the dbext.vim "vimscript #356". For detailed instructions and a tutorial see :h omni-sql-completion.
+Existing instructions can be found within Vim7 using
+:h sql.txt
+:h sql-completion
+This plugin is new to Vim7. Improvements to the script will be uploaded here, and supplied to Bram for inclusion into future versions of Vim7.
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