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tag: 12.0
Commits on Mar 7, 2012
  1. @dfishburn

    Version 12.0

    dfishburn authored committed
    New Features
    - Improved the handling of column completion.  First we match any columns from a previous completion.  If not matches are found, we consider the partial name to be a table or table alias for the query and attempt to match on it.
    Bug Fixes
    - Partial column name completion did not work when a table name or table alias was provided (Jonas Enberg).
  2. @dfishburn

    Version 11.0

    dfishburn authored committed
    Version 11.0
        Added g:omni_sql_default_compl_type variable
            - You can specify which type of completion to default to
              when pressing <C-X><C-O>.  The entire list of available
              choices can be found in the calls to sqlcomplete#Map in:
    Version 10.0
        Updated PreCacheSyntax()
            - Now returns a List of the syntax items it finds.
              This allows other plugins / scripts to use this list for their own
              purposes.  In this case XPTemplate can use them for a Choose list.
            - Verifies the parameters are the correct type and displays a
              warning if not.
            - Verifies the parameters are the correct type and displays a
              warning if not.
        Updated SQLCWarningMsg()
            - Prepends warning message with SQLComplete so you know who issued
              the warning.
        Updated SQLCErrorMsg()
            - Prepends error message with SQLComplete so you know who issued
              the error.
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. @dfishburn

    Version 9.0

    dfishburn authored committed
    Version 9.0
    - This change removes some of the support for tables with spaces in their names in order to simplify the regexes used to pull out query table aliases for more robust table name and column name code completion.
    - Full support for "table names with spaces" can be added in again after 7.3.
    Version 8.0
    - Incorrectly re-executed the g:ftplugin_sql_omni_key_right and :ftplugin_sql_omni_key_left  when drilling in and out of a column list for a table.
  2. @dfishburn

    Version 7.0

    dfishburn authored committed
    Version 6.0 added support for table names which had "spaces in them".  Unforunately, this broke a few things in the parsing of statements to determine which table to retrieve column names.  This version corrects those mistakes and makes the object names a bit more robust.
  3. @dfishburn

    Version 6.0

    dfishburn authored committed
    This release is in conjunction with the dbext.vim 6.0 release.  It adds SQL completion support of objects which contain spaces "my table".
  4. @dfishburn

    Version 5.0: Initial upload

    dfishburn authored committed
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