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SQLComplete is a SQL code completion system using the omnifunc framework
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SQLComplete.vim is a plugin which uses the new Vim7 OMNI completion features (intellisense code completion).

SQLComplete.vim version 4.0 is included in the Vim 7.0 release.
SQLComplete.vim version 5.0 is included in the Vim 7.1 release.
SQLComplete.vim version 6.0 is included in the Vim 7.2 release.
SQLComplete.vim version 9.0 is included in the Vim 7.3 release.

What does it do:
Completion for the SQL language includes statements, functions, keywords, operators and database options which it draws from the current SQL syntax file in use.  Vim ships with 9 different SQL syntax files (Oracle, Informix, MySQL, SQL Anywhere, ...).  You can choose different SQL dialects using the command  (see :h sql-dialects):
:SQLSetType sqlanywhere
:SQLSetType <Tab> will cycle through the installed dialects.

It will also dynamically complete tables, procedures, views and column lists with data pulled directly from within a database.  It does this in conjunction with the dbext.vim "vimscript #356".  For detailed instructions and a tutorial see :h omni-sql-completion.

Existing instructions can be found within Vim7 using 
:h sql.txt
:h sql-completion

This plugin is new to Vim7.  Improvements to the script will be uploaded here, and supplied to Bram for inclusion into future versions of Vim7.

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