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Version 1.3

NF: Support the formatting of FUNCTIONS or
    stored procedures used as derived tables.  This
    will nest the function calls on new lines and
    correctly split the paranthesis on new lines if
    the function call is longer than one line.  You
    would notice this mainly in the SELECT
    column list.
NF: Support the formatting of nested CASE
NF: Added the GetColumnDataType command
NF: Improved primary key determination, it no
    longer requires the PRIMARY KEY statement to
    be part of the CREATE TABLE statement, it can
    be part of an ALTER TABLE statement.
NF: Improved formatting of SQL keywords.
    INSERT INTO statement, the INTO will no longer
    be split onto a new line.
    Now correctly format the various JOIN keywords:
    NATURAL RIGHT OUTER JOIN will be placed one
    online instead of just the JOIN keyword as
BF: Did not properly handle the formatting of
    nested open paranthesis in all cases.
BF: Using new technique to determine how to change
    the textwidth to utilitize more screen space
    when wrapping long lines.
    nested open paranthesis in all cases.
NF: Create procedure uses shiftwidth for indent.
BF: Save/restore previous search.
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