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Version 1.1

Improved a number of items.

1.  If a PRIMARY KEY cannot be found for a given table the WHERE clause will contain all columns.

2.  Made the lookup for primary keys smarter.  Now the script will also look for ALTER TABLE ... ADD PRIMARY KEY statements instead of just the PRIMARY KEY clause as part of the CREATE TABLE statement.

3.  If hidden is set, the script will cycle through the buffers looking for the table.  Now, it will leave the cursor positioned in the same location when it leaves hidden buffers.

4.  You can now define g:sqlutil_cmd_terminator.  It currently defaults to ";".  This is used when looking gathering columns lists.
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dfishburn authored and vim-scripts committed Feb 4, 2003
1 parent 60ff1b6 commit ae4e4aab6c181ee3f4be6ea02d884cef85a02bef
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