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tag: 1.3.6

Oct 18, 2010

  1. Version 1.3.6

    NF: Added support for window functions (OVER, PARTITION BY, ROWS,     RANGE), and additional Oracle SELECT keywords (DIMENSION,     MEASURES, ITERATE, WITHIN GROUP, IGNORE, KEEP, RETURN, RULES)
    authored June 21, 2004 vim-scripts committed October 17, 2010
  2. Version 1.3.5

    New features added:
    New global variables to customization some aspects of the formatting:
    sqlutil_align_where - aligns the =, >=, <=, ...
    sqlutil_align_comma - places the column lists in select statement on new lines
    sqlutil_align_first_word - see examples
    You can change the case of the keywords while formatting.
    A help has been created to list all the various options and examples for each of them.
    Thanks to Ronald Speelman, for suggestions and testing.
    authored March 07, 2004 vim-scripts committed October 17, 2010
  3. Version 1.3.3

    NF: Added global variable sqlutil_col_list_terminators for  customization.
    NF: Changed all functions to be prefixed bySQLU_ for consistency.
    BF: Fixed SQLU_GetColumnDataType andSQLU_GetColumnDef to handle tabs.
    BF: -@- could be left after incorrect formatting.
    authored September 06, 2003 vim-scripts committed October 17, 2010
  4. Version 1.3

    NF: Support the formatting of FUNCTIONS or
        stored procedures used as derived tables.  This
        will nest the function calls on new lines and
        correctly split the paranthesis on new lines if
        the function call is longer than one line.  You
        would notice this mainly in the SELECT
        column list.
    NF: Support the formatting of nested CASE
    NF: Added the GetColumnDataType command
    NF: Improved primary key determination, it no
        longer requires the PRIMARY KEY statement to
        be part of the CREATE TABLE statement, it can
        be part of an ALTER TABLE statement.
    NF: Improved formatting of SQL keywords.
        INSERT INTO statement, the INTO will no longer
        be split onto a new line.
        Now correctly format the various JOIN keywords:
        NATURAL RIGHT OUTER JOIN will be placed one
        online instead of just the JOIN keyword as
    BF: Did not properly handle the formatting of
        nested open paranthesis in all cases.
    BF: Using new technique to determine how to change
        the textwidth to utilitize more screen space
        when wrapping long lines.
        nested open paranthesis in all cases.
    NF: Create procedure uses shiftwidth for indent.
    BF: Save/restore previous search.
    authored June 06, 2003 vim-scripts committed October 17, 2010
  5. Version 1.1

    Improved a number of items.
    1.  If a PRIMARY KEY cannot be found for a given table the WHERE clause will contain all columns.
    2.  Made the lookup for primary keys smarter.  Now the script will also look for ALTER TABLE ... ADD PRIMARY KEY statements instead of just the PRIMARY KEY clause as part of the CREATE TABLE statement.
    3.  If hidden is set, the script will cycle through the buffers looking for the table.  Now, it will leave the cursor positioned in the same location when it leaves hidden buffers.
    4.  You can now define g:sqlutil_cmd_terminator.  It currently defaults to ";".  This is used when looking gathering columns lists.
    authored February 04, 2003 vim-scripts committed October 17, 2010
  6. Version 1: Initial upload

    authored November 23, 2002 vim-scripts committed October 17, 2010
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