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*SnippetComplete.txt* Insert mode completion that completes defined abbreviations and other snippets.
description |SnippetComplete-description|
usage |SnippetComplete-usage|
installation |SnippetComplete-installation|
configuration |SnippetComplete-configuration|
integration |SnippetComplete-integration|
limitations |SnippetComplete-limitations|
known problems |SnippetComplete-known-problems|
todo |SnippetComplete-todo|
history |SnippetComplete-history|
DESCRIPTION *SnippetComplete-description*
Insert mode abbreviations and snippets can dramatically speed up editing, but
how does one remember all those shortcuts that are rarely used? You can list
all insert mode abbreviations via |:ia| to break out of this vicious circle,
but switching to command mode for that is cumbersome.
This plugin offers a context-sensitive insert mode completion to quickly list
and complete defined abbreviations directly while typing.
USAGE *SnippetComplete-usage*
i_CTRL-X_] Find matches for abbreviations that start with the
text in front of the cursor. If other snippet types
are registered, show those, too.
There are three types of |abbreviations| (full-id,
end-id and non-id), which can consist of different
characters. Thus, there can be more than one candidate
for the existing completion base, e.g. "pre@c" can
expand into a full-id abbreviation starting with "c"
or into a non-id one starting with "pre@c". The
completion indicates such a ambiguity through the
message "base n of m; next: blah", and you can cycle
through the different completion bases by repeating
the i_CTRL-X_] shortcut.
Matches are selected and inserted as with any other
|ins-completion|, see |popupmenu-keys|. If you use
<Space> or |i_CTRL-]| to select an abbreviation, it'll
be expanded automatically.
INSTALLATION *SnippetComplete-installation*
This script is packaged as a |vimball|. If you have the "gunzip" decompressor
in your PATH, simply edit the *.vba.gz package in Vim; otherwise, decompress
the archive first, e.g. using WinZip. Inside Vim, install by sourcing the
vimball or via the |:UseVimball| command. >
vim SnippetComplete.vba.gz
:so %
To uninstall, use the |:RmVimball| command.
DEPENDENCIES *SnippetComplete-dependencies*
- Requires Vim 7.0 or higher.
CONFIGURATION *SnippetComplete-configuration*
If you want to use a different mapping, map your keys to the
<Plug>(SnippetComplete) mapping target _before_ sourcing this script (e.g. in
your |vimrc|).
For example, to use CTRL-X <Tab>, use this: >
imap <C-x><Tab> <Plug>(SnippetComplete)
INTEGRATION *SnippetComplete-integration*
There exist multiple snippet systems that extend the built-in abbreviations
with support for filetype-specific and more complex expansions, like allowing
placeholders and expansion of in-line scriptlets. One popular one is the
snipMate plugin (vimscript #2540).
Since there is a seamless transition from simple abbreviation to complex
snippet, it may help to have a completion for both sources. To support this,
this plugin allows to write completions for other snippet plugins with just a
little bit of configuration and a function to retrieve the valid snippets.
This completion can be stand-alone via a different mapping, or it can add the
snippets to the |i_CTRL-X_]| completion mapping provided here.
The definition of a snippet type consists of an object with the following
properties: >
let typeDefinition = {
\ '{typeName}': {
\ 'priority': 100,
\ 'pattern': '\k\+',
\ 'generator': function('MySnippets#Get')
\ }
The {pattern} key specifies the valid syntax of the snippets; the {generator}
should return all snippets in the format of |complete-items|; the filtering
according to the completion base is done by this plugin itself.
To include the snippets in the |i_CTRL-X_]| completion mapping provided here: >
call extend(g:SnippetComplete_RegisteredTypes, typeDefinition)
To create a separate completion mapping for your type: >
inoremap <silent> <C-x>% <C-r>=SnippetComplete#PreSnippetCompleteExpr()<CR><C-r>=SnippetComplete#SnippetComplete(typeDefinition)<CR>
LIMITATIONS *SnippetComplete-limitations*
KNOWN PROBLEMS *SnippetComplete-known-problems*
- When <CR> is :map-expr to <C-Y> when pumvisible() to accept the current
entry, and there's additional processing after <C-Y> (in my case, <C-\><C-o>
to call a function) the completed abbreviation is not expanded any more.
TODO *SnippetComplete-todo*
- Getting and sorting of matches when 'ignorecase' is on.
- Limiting the length of the snippet expansion shown in the popup menu.
IDEAS *SnippetComplete-ideas*
HISTORY *SnippetComplete-history*
2.00 08-May-2012
- Modularize and generalize for completing other types of snippets (e.g. from
1.01 25-Sep-2010
Using separate autoload script to help speed up Vim startup.
1.00 12-Jan-2010
First published version.
0.01 08-Jan-2010
Started development.
Copyright: (C) 2010-2012 Ingo Karkat
The VIM LICENSE applies to this script; see|copyright|.
Maintainer: Ingo Karkat <>
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