Functions to help make behavioral testing easy with ruby and rspec.
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This is a mirror of

Specky is a small collection of Vim functions to help make behavioral testing streamlined and easy when working with ruby and rspec.

Here are some of the things you can do with Specky, with a single key stroke:

    * Switch back and forth from code to testing spec
    * Run the spec, with results going to a new, syntax highlighted buffer
    * Jump quickly to spec failures and failure detail
    * View rdoc of the word under the cursor
    * Dynamically switch string types for the word under the cursor (double quoted, quoted, symbol)
    * Create comment banners quickly 

Specky also includes a couple of conveniences to make your everyday programming tasks smooooth and pleasurable, such as:

    * File detection for spec files (that are named in the traditional *_spec.rb fashion.)
    * Syntax highlighting for rspec and rdoc
    * "Snippets" for rspec, using the Snipmate (vimscript #2540) plugin. 

You can see a screencast of Specky here:

This is my first official VIM plugin.  Advice/props/criticisms all equally appreciated, but please let me know if you're using it!  (