Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 3.1

    Two bugs fixed:
    1\ Avoid highlight the whole EX command when previewing the definition.
    2\ Not update the Popup menu when the current word under the cursor
       had been tagged already, or it would be changed on the UNIXs platform.
    wesleyche committed with Aug 18, 2008
  2. Version 3.0

    New feature: Local definition searching and preview using the interface of 'gd' command in VIM. Note that this is not guaranteed to work, the Source Explorer does not check the syntax for now, it only searches for a match with the keyword according to the command 'gd' when you enable the new variable named g:SrcExpl_searchLocalDef.
    Improvement: Reimplement the jump mechannism when going back from the preview context using the mark stack with 'A-Z' (26 depth actually). It is more accurate than using the 'Ctrl-o' command.
    wesleyche committed with Aug 7, 2008
  3. Version 2.6

    Update the mechanism and process when the Source Explorer work with other plugins, such as Taglist, NERD tree, etc. Of course, you must tell the Source Explorer what plugins are using the split windows according to a new MMI setting: g:SrcExpl_pluginList
    wesleyche committed with Jul 26, 2008
  4. Version 2.5

      In this version, I add a prompt line which contain the tag name and its counts when we do the multi-definition searching. A bug about folding in VIM is fixed. In srcexpl.vim, I desrcibed that how the Source Explorer works with the Taglist and the MiniBufExplorer on my platform.
    wesleyche committed with Jul 15, 2008
  5. Version 2.4

        In version 2.4, the srcexpl plugin should work more stable and more efficient than before.
        Firstly, I implemented the method of getting tags list without traversaling the 'tags' file. So parsing and showing the tags of whole project is more quickly, espacially in a large project. (e.g. The size of tags file in "Linux-2.4.0" is 19 MBytes which including more than 248000 lines data.)
        Secondly, it is more accurate to find the symbol definition because of the regular expression.
        Finally, I handled a potential problem of deleting buffers, and it may become a bug when changing the tags list in WIN32 platform.
    wesleyche committed with Jul 8, 2008
  6. Version 2.3

    Bugfixed: When the current file which you are editing is not saved, the Source Explorer would not jump to the definition of the symbol under the cursor. This mechanism can handle the 'one-file-multi-buffers' situation very well.
    wesleyche committed with Apr 5, 2008
  7. Version 2.2

    In this version(V2.2), I added a feature, which supported 'tags' file auto-updateing when you open the Source Explorer every time. And if the tags file  were not found, the Source Explorer would create one in the current directory according your choice. Besides, I fixed a bug of tags file loading on the mac OS X running enviorment. Thank Larry and Maqi for their freebacks and suggestions. :-)
    wesleyche committed with Mar 26, 2008
  8. Version 2.1

    In this version, I implemented the method to do the recursion for searching the 'tags' file from the current directory to the root directory. In addition, the mechanism for vim version inspection is added. Finally, I rewrote the function named g:SrcExpl_OtherPluginAdapter() in order to adapt the privious postion of the editor window when using the Taglist and MiniBufExpl Plugins.
    wesleyche committed with Mar 23, 2008
  9. Version 2.0

    Added an important feature, that is, multi-definitions list and explore.
    When the symbol under the cursor is defined in several places, the Source Explorer window will list them one by one. You can select one of them by a double-click or a <Enter> key onto the exact line, and then we jump to the place that match the definition.
    This feature is so important that you can only use one hand ( the one using the mouse :-) ) to explore the source code conveniently, and avoid the number selection when tagging a mulit-definition by <Left-Mouse> or <Ctrl-]>.
    wesleyche committed with Mar 14, 2008
  10. Version 1.2

    Add one feature and two user interfaces.
    You can use your own map key to force to complete one refreshing operation. And it will take a less waiting time sometimes.
    Additionally, users can set update time interval by themselves in this version.
    wesleyche committed with Mar 10, 2008
  11. Version 1.1

    Inthis version(v1.1), I added the following features
    1\ add the 'SrcExplGoBack' item in popup menu when you click right button of your mouse. You will see that when you use srcexpl.vim for exploring the source code.
    2\ add an interface for users who want to map their own key for do the 'SrcExplGoBack' function.
    3\ 'SrcExplGoBack' is such a feature that it make user go back from 'definition contexts' in editor. When you click the 'SrcExplGoBack' item, it jump the privious place which your have explored just now.
    wesleyche committed with Mar 6, 2008