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Show syntax highlighting attributes of character under cursor.
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This is a mirror of

Displays the syntax highlighting attributes of the character under the cursor; including syntax group (and what it's linked to, if linked), foreground/background colors (name and numeric equivallent), bold, underline, etc.

Example output:

[WIth cursor on a function name in a vim script]
     group: vimUserFuncName guifg=DarkCyan(#008b8b) gui=bold

[With cursor on "function" keyword in vim script]
     group: vimFuncKey->Statement guifg=Brown(#a52a2a) gui=bold

[WIth cursor on "let" keyword in vim script]
     group: vimLet->Statement guifg=Brown(#a52a2a) gui=bold

This can be helpfull both developing syntax files, and for determining what something is (according to the syntax rules), since the group names used in syntax files are usually well-named.

Recommended use with a mapping such as:

  map -a	:call SyntaxAttr()<CR>
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