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I# System Vim Plugin
This is a tiny vim script which might have been discovered ages ago (but I am
unaware). Its rather for vim than gvim users.
When executing commands from vim you enter a vim shell where you see the
output. In many situations this is not what you want and you'd prefer
:call system("command")
but it is a lot to type, and you don't have completion. With this snippet
every command which starts with:
:! command
(note the space after the `!`) will be wrapped into `system()` and the output
will be echoed. The plugin refreshes the history with what you typed rather
than the call to the `system()` function.
There are some configuration variables:
g:system_expand = 1
by default `%` (with modifiers) is expanded in the same way as by the `:!`.
g:system_echocmd = 0
echo the command together with its output (by default off).
The reason why I like it is that I have different background colors in vim
(dark) and terminal (light). If I stay inside vim I am not flushed with
bright colors which is a annoying (and may be eyes tiring).
Benefits: you get completion for system commands and system files.
You can use the expression register with Vim 7.3.686. With an earlier version
you will not be able to use it.
# Requirements
You have to also install [CRDispatcher](
I learned how to do that reading the
[EmacsCommandLine Plugin](
Other plugins with shell like functionality:
* [vim-addon-async](
* [Conque Shell Plugin](
* [VimProc Plugin](
## Copyright
© Marcin Szamotulski, 2012-2014
## License
Vim license, see :help license
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