A semi-automatic LaTeX ftplugin with lots of firepower!
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This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=3508

    Author: Elias Toivanen
    License: GPL
    Version: 1.3.13

    TeX-9 is a ftplugin that aims to enhance the writing experience of high
    quality documents with LaTeX and Vim. The goal of TeX-9 is to be simple
    and Vimish, meaning that focus is on carefully thought-out key mappings
    and features that are already present in a typical Vim installation. If
    you need to write a thesis or research articles and insist on having only
    one editor for all editing tasks, then TeX-9 is for you!

    TeX-9 uses Python2.x as its backend and therefore a Vim installation with
    Python support is required. TeX-9 is being developed on Linux running
    Vim 7.4.

     The main features of TeX-9 are
        * Compile, debug and launch a document viewer from within Vim
        * Insert LaTeX code snippets with ease
        * Powerful text-object for LaTeX environments
        * Omni-completion of BibTeX database entries and label references
        * Omni-completion of mathematical symbols
        * SyncTeX support (for the Evince document viewer)
        * Filetype specific indentation (courtesy of Johannes Tanzler)
        * LaTeX2e manual (ported to Vim by Mikolaj Machowski)
        * No-hassle settings, relatively few mappings