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This plugin allows you to build your own text transformations. You only supply
the transformation algorithm in the form of a Vim function that takes a string
and returns the transformed text (think substitute()), and TextTransform
will create all appropriate mappings and / or commands with a single call!
Do you often perform the same :substitute commands over and over again? You
may be able to save yourself a lot of typing by creating custom commands and
mappings for it. Because the mappings (like built-in Vim commands such as gU
or g?) are applicable to text moved over by {motion}, entire lines, and the
visual selection, you'll also have way more flexibility and places where you
can apply them (compared to the line-based range of :substitute).
- Idea, design and implementation are based on Tim Pope's unimpaired.vim
plugin (vimscript #1590). It implements XML, URL and C String encoding
mappings, but isn't extensible with other algorithms.
The TextTransform plugin enhances unimpaired's transformation function with
handling of text objects and a list of selection fallbacks, and allows to
not only create mappings, but also transformation commands.
TextTransform#MakeMappings( {mapArgs}, {key}, {algorithm} [, {selectionModes}] )
Create normal and visual mode mappings that apply
{algorithm} to the text covered by {motion}, [count]
line(s), and the visual selection.
TextTransform#MakeCommand( {commandOptions}, {commandName}, {algorithm} [, {options}] )
Create a custom command {commandName} that takes a
range (defaulting to the current line), and applies
{algorithm} to the line(s).
TextTransform#MakeSelectionCommand( {commandOptions}, {commandName}, {algorithm}, {selectionModes} )
Create a custom command {commandName} that applies
{algorithm} on the TextTransform-selectionModes
specified by {selectionModes}, or the current visual
selection (when invoked from visual mode).
Here's a stupid transformation function that replaces all alphabetic
characters with "X":
function! BlankOut( text )
return substitute(a:text, '\a', 'X', 'g')
With this, this single call:
call TextTransform#MakeMappings('', '<Leader>x', 'BlankOut')
creates this set of mappings:
<Leader>x{motion} transforms the text covered by {motion}
<Leader>xx transforms [count] line(s)
{Visual}<Leader>x transforms the visual selection
You can set up a command for this transformation just as easily:
call TextTransform#MakeCommand('', 'TextBlankOut', 'BlankOut')
so you can blank out the next three lines via