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This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=3532

UltraBlog.vim is yet another Vim blogging script for Wordpress.

The biggest difference between UB and other similar scripts is that UB is an ultimate client, which stores posts locally in an SQLite database, while others just operate remotely. In this way, many things can be done easily by the advantage of local storage and many other utilities, for example, you can search for posts stored in the database with a few keywords by typing a simple command, also you can preview drafts with any of your favorite templates as soon as you want to.

For those who just needs a lightweight blog editor similar as other Vim blogging scripts, UB also comes with an Editor Mode, which doesn't create a database and store data in it.

In addition, UB is tending to make life easier for writing posts with many kinds of lightweight markup languages, currently the following kinds are supported: Markdown, reStructuredText, LaTeX, Textile and of cause HTML.

Enjoy Vim blogging !

Refer to the plugin's page for detail information:


For the usage of templates, go to:



    * Multiple syntax support: Markdown, HTML, reStructuredText, LaTeX, Textile.
    * Editor mode and client mode.
    * Data is stored in a local SQLite database in client mode.
    * Full-text search with keywords highlighted.
    * Full-text search by using regular expressions.
    * Full-text substitutions.
    * Full-text substitutions using regular expressions.
    * Templates for previewing posts.
    * Built-in web browser, much faster to preview items.
    * Event-driven system.
    * I18N.


    * :UBNew [item [syntax/template_name]]
    * :UBPreview [status/template name]
    * :UBSave
    * :UBSend [status]
    * :UBList [item [scope [page_size [page_no]]]]
    * :UBOpen {item} {post_id/template_name} [scope]
    * :UBDel {item} {post_id/template_name} [scope]
    * :UBUpload {file_path}
    * :UBThis [item [to_syntax [from_syntax]]]
    * :UBConv {to_syntax} [from_syntax]
    * :UBRefresh
    * :UBFind keyword1 [keyword2 ...]
    * :UBRegexSearch regexp1 [regexp2 ...]
    * :UBReplace needle replacement
    * :UBRegexReplace regexp replacement
    * :UBEnableDebug
    * :UBDisableDebug
    * :UBToggleDebug