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" UnconditionalPaste.vim: Force character-/line-/block-wise paste, regardless of
" how it was yanked.
" Copyright: (C) 2006-2012 Ingo Karkat
" The VIM LICENSE applies to this script; see ':help copyright'.
" Maintainer: Ingo Karkat <>
" Source: Based on vimtip #1199 by cory,
" 2.00.018 07-Dec-2012 FIX: Differentiate between pasteType and a:how
" argument, as setregtype() only understands the
" former.
" 2.00.017 06-Dec-2012 CHG: Flatten all whitespace and newlines before,
" after, and around lines when pasting
" characterwise or joined.
" 2.00.016 05-Dec-2012 ENH: Add mappings to insert register contents
" characterwise (flattened) from insert mode.
" ENH: Add mappings to paste lines flattened with
" comma, queried, or recalled last used delimiter.
" ENH: Add mappings to paste unjoined register
" with queried or recalled last used delimiter
" pattern.
" 1.22.015 04-Dec-2012 Split off functions into autoload script.
" 1.22.014 28-Nov-2012 BUG: When repeat.vim is not installed, the
" mappings do nothing. Need to :execute the
" :silent! call of repeat.vim to avoid that the
" remainder of the command line is aborted
" together with the call.
" 1.21.013 02-Dec-2011 ENH: When pasting a blockwise register as lines,
" strip all trailing whitespace. This is useful
" when cutting a block of text from a column-like
" text and pasting as new lines.
" ENH: When pasting a blockwise register as
" characters, flatten and shrink all trailing
" whitespace to a single space.
" 1.20.012 29-Sep-2011 BUG: Repeat always used the unnamed register.
" Add register registration to enhanced repeat.vim
" plugin, which also handles repetition when used
" together with the expression register "=.
" BUG: Move <silent> maparg to <Plug> mapping to
" silence command repeat.
" 1.11.010 06-Jun-2011 ENH: Support repetition of mappings through
" repeat.vim.
" 1.10.009 12-Jan-2011 Incorporated suggestions by Peter Rincker
" (thanks for the patch!):
" Made mappings configurable via the customary
" <Plug> mappings.
" Added mappings gbp, gbP for blockwise pasting.
" Now requires Vim version 7.0 or higher.
" 1.00.008 10-Dec-2010 Prepared for publishing; find out lowest
" supported Vim version.
" 007 15-May-2009 Now catching and reporting any errors caused by
" the paste.
" Now supporting [count], like the built-in paste
" command.
" 006 08-Oct-2008 Now removing newline characters at the end of
" the text.
" Now, the register type is not modified by an
" unconditional paste command.
" Now, multiple sequential newlines are converted
" to a single space.
" Refactored s:FlattenRegister() to s:Flatten().
" 005 16-Jun-2008 Using :normal with <bang>.
" 004 30-May-2007 Added <silent> to the mapping to avoid echoing
" of the function invocation.
" 0.03 13-May-2006 Changed mappings from <leader>.. to g.., as
" this is easier to type (and 'g' often introduces
" alternative actions (like 'j' and 'gj')).
" 0.02 10-Apr-2006 Added flattening (replacing newlines with
" spaces) for characterwise paste.
" 0.01 10-Apr-2006 file creation from vimtip #1199
function! UnconditionalPaste#HandleExprReg( exprResult )
let s:exprResult = a:exprResult
function! s:Flatten( text, separator )
" Remove newlines and whitespace at the begin and end of the text, convert
" all other newlines (plus leading and trailing whitespace) to the passed
" separator.
return substitute(substitute(a:text, '^\s*\%(\n\s*\)*\|\s*\%(\n\s*\)*$', '', 'g'), '\s*\%(\n\s*\)\+', a:separator, 'g')
function! s:StripTrailingWhitespace( text )
return substitute(a:text, '\s\+\ze\(\n\|$\)', '', 'g')
function! s:Unjoin( text, separatorPattern )
let l:text = substitute(a:text, a:separatorPattern, '\n', 'g')
" A (single!) trailing separator is automatically swallowed by the linewise
" pasting. For consistency, do the same for a single leading separator.
return (l:text =~# '^\n' ? l:text[1:] : l:text)
function! UnconditionalPaste#Paste( regName, how, ... )
let l:regType = getregtype(a:regName)
let l:regContent = getreg(a:regName, 1) " Expression evaluation inside function context may cause errors, therefore get unevaluated expression when a:regName ==# '='.
if a:regName ==# '='
" Cannot evaluate the expression register within a function; unscoped
" variables do not refer to the global scope. Therefore, evaluation
" happened earlier in the mappings, and stored this in s:exprResult.
" To get the expression result into the buffer, use the unnamed
" register, and restore it later.
let l:regName = '"'
let l:regContent = s:exprResult
let l:save_clipboard = &clipboard
set clipboard= " Avoid clobbering the selection and clipboard registers.
let l:save_reg = getreg(l:regName)
let l:save_regmode = getregtype(l:regName)
let l:regName = a:regName
let l:pasteContent = l:regContent
let l:pasteType = 'l'
if a:how ==# 'b'
let l:pasteType = 'b'
elseif a:how =~# '^[c,qQ]$'
let l:pasteType = 'c'
if l:regType[0] ==# "\<C-v>"
let l:pasteContent = s:StripTrailingWhitespace(l:regContent)
let l:pasteContent = l:regContent
if a:how ==# 'c'
let l:separator = ' '
elseif a:how ==# ','
let l:separator = ', '
elseif a:how ==# 'q'
let l:separator = input('Enter separator string: ')
if empty(l:separator)
execute "normal! \<C-\>\<C-n>\<Esc>" | " Beep.
return ''
let g:UnconditionalPaste_JoinSeparator = l:separator
elseif a:how ==# 'Q'
let l:separator = g:UnconditionalPaste_JoinSeparator
throw 'ASSERT: Invalid how: ' . string(a:how)
let l:pasteContent = s:Flatten(l:pasteContent, l:separator)
elseif a:how ==? 'u'
if a:how ==# 'u'
let l:separatorPattern = input('Enter separator pattern: ')
if empty(l:separatorPattern)
execute "normal! \<C-\>\<C-n>\<Esc>" | " Beep.
return ''
let g:UnconditionalPaste_UnjoinSeparatorPattern = l:separatorPattern
let l:pasteContent = s:Unjoin(l:pasteContent, g:UnconditionalPaste_UnjoinSeparatorPattern)
if l:pasteContent ==# l:regContent
" No unjoining took place; this is probably not what the user
" intended (maybe wrong register?), so don't just insert the
" contents unchanged, but rather alert the user.
execute "normal! \<C-\>\<C-n>\<Esc>" | " Beep.
return ''
elseif a:how ==# 'l' && l:regType[0] ==# "\<C-v>"
let l:pasteContent = s:StripTrailingWhitespace(l:regContent)
if a:0
call setreg(l:regName, l:pasteContent, l:pasteType)
execute 'normal! "' . l:regName . (v:count ? v:count : '') . a:1
call setreg(l:regName, l:regContent, l:regType)
return l:pasteContent
catch /^Vim\%((\a\+)\)\=:E/
" v:exception contains what is normally in v:errmsg, but with extra
" exception source info prepended, which we cut away.
let v:errmsg = substitute(v:exception, '^Vim\%((\a\+)\)\=:', '', '')
echohl ErrorMsg
echomsg v:errmsg
echohl None
if a:regName ==# '='
call setreg('"', l:save_reg, l:save_regmode)
let &clipboard = l:save_clipboard
function! UnconditionalPaste#Insert( regName, how )
if a:regName !~? '[0-9a-z"%#*+:.-]'
" Note the lack of "="; we don't support the expression register here,
" because we would need to do the querying and evaluation all by
" ourselves.
execute "normal! \<C-\>\<C-n>\<Esc>" | " Beep.
return ''
return UnconditionalPaste#Paste(a:regName, a:how)
" vim: set ts=8 sts=4 sw=4 noexpandtab ff=unix fdm=syntax :
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