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This is a mirror of
" Plugin name : VPSIONKI DATA
" Plugin function: CSV Contact - VIM Plugin
" Version:
" Code version : 0.0099
" Current status:
" First Initial Basic version (under work)
" Author:
" Initially started by Patrick295767 </\at/\> gmail <\{dot}> com
" Help, patches, comments, add-ons, flowers, ... in further progressing welcome anytime.
" Aim:
" Create a portable program for database
" Format to be handled in one soon future: CSV (Windows) and dbf
" Allow the multi-lines for the NOTES + being compatible with the use of
" mutt and mutt-query.
" Use:
" To start the CSV Contact plugin
" Press \ followed by k
" Once pressed, you may see your CSV file, and you can press
" h to display the previous record number
" j for going down to select the data (ex. address, name, surname, ...)
" k for going up to select the data (ex. address, name, surname, ...)
" l to display the next record number
" / to start the search
" Tips: You could for instance use the unison program to sync this csv file.
" Dependencies:
" Does not need python
" Does not need perl
" ...
" Does only require Vim or Gvim :):)
" -> Remains Portable
" Variables:
" Please edit this line to setup your txt (csv file)"
" It might look like : "record1","bla","bla" \n "record2","bla","bla"
let g:myvarabookvimcsvfile='c:\docs\outlook-contacts.txt'
if has("unix")
let g:myvarabookvimcsvfile='~/contacts/outlook-contacts.txt'
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