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" viki.vim -- the viki syntax file
" @Author: Thomas Link (samul AT
" @License: GPL (see
" @Created: 30-Dez-2003.
" @Last Change: 09-Sep-2004.
" @Revision: 0.399
if version < 600
syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
" This command sets up buffer variables and adds some basic highlighting.
let b:VikiEnabled = 0
let b:VikiEnabled = 2
syntax sync minlines=50
syntax sync maxlines=200
" linebreaks=1
syn match vikiEscape /\\/ contained containedin=vikiEscapedChar
syn match vikiEscapedChar /\\\_./ contains=vikiEscape,vikiChar
exe "syn match vikiAnchor /^". escape(b:vikiCommentStart, '\/.*^$~[]') .'\?\s*#'. b:vikiAnchorNameRx ."/"
syn match vikiMarkers /\(\([#?!+]\)\2\{2,2}\)/
syn match vikiSymbols /\(--\|!=\|==\+\|\~\~\+\|<-\+>\|<=\+>\|<\~\+>\|<-\+\|-\+>\|<=\+\|=\+>\|<\~\+\|\~\+>\|\.\.\.\)/
syn match vikiBold /\(^\|\W\zs\)\*\(\\\*\|\w\)\{-1,}\*/
syn region vikiContinousBold start=/\(^\|\W\zs\)\*\*[^ *]/ end=/\*\*\|\n\{2,}/ skip=/\\\n/
syn match vikiUnderline /\(^\|\W\zs\)_\(\\_\|[^_\s]\)\{-1,}_/
syn region vikiContinousUnderline start=/\(^\|\W\zs\)__[^ _]/ end=/__\|\n\{2,}/ skip=/\\\n/
syn match vikiTypewriter /\(^\|\W\zs\)=\(\\=\|\w\)\{-1,}=/
syn region vikiContinousTypewriter start=/\(^\|\W\zs\)==[^ =]/ end=/==\|\n\{2,}/ skip=/\\\n/
syn cluster vikiTextstyles contains=vikiBold,vikiContinousBold,vikiTypewriter,vikiContinousTypewriter,vikiUnderline,vikiContinousUnderline,vikiEscapedChar
exe 'syn match vikiComment /^\s*'. escape(b:vikiCommentStart, '\/.*^$~[]') .'.*$/ contains=vikiTextstyles,vikiLink,vikiExtendedLink,vikiURL'
syn region vikiString start=+^\s\+"\|"+ end=+"[.?!]\?\s\+$\|"+ contains=@vikiTextstyles
let b:vikiHeadingStart = '*'
exe 'syn region vikiHeading start=/\V\^'. escape(b:vikiHeadingStart, '\') .'\+\s\+/ end=/\n/ contains=@vikiTextstyles'
syn match vikiList /^\s\+\([-+*#?]\|[0-9#]\+\.\|[a-zA-Z?]\.\)\ze\s/
syn match vikiDescription /^\s\+\(\\\n\|.\)\{-1,}\s::\ze\s/
syn match vikiTableRowSep /||\?/ contained containedin=vikiTableRow,vikiTableHead
syn region vikiTableHead start=/^\s*|| / skip=/\\\n/ end=/ ||\s*$/ contains=ALLBUT,vikiTableRow,vikiTableHead transparent keepend
syn region vikiTableRow start=/^\s*| / skip=/\\\n/ end=/ |\s*$/ contains=ALLBUT,vikiTableRow,vikiTableHead transparent keepend
syn region vikiMacro matchgroup=vikiMacroDelim start=/{[^:{}]\+:\?/ end=/}/ transparent
syn match vikiCommand /^\C\s*#\([A-Z]\+\)\>\(\\\n\|.\)*/
syn region vikiRegion matchgroup=vikiMacroDelim
\ start=/^\s*#\([A-Z][a-z]*\>\|!!!\).\{-}<<\z(.\+\)$/ end=/^\s*\z1\s*$/ contains=ALL
syn region vikiRegionAlt matchgroup=vikiMacroDelim
\ start=/^\s*\z(=\{4,}\)\s*\([A-Z][a-z]*\>\|!!!\).\{-}$/ end=/^\s*\z1\(\s.*\)\?$/ contains=ALL
" Define the default highlighting.
" For version 5.7 and earlier: only when not done already
" For version 5.8 and later: only when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
if version >= 508 || !exists("did_viki_syntax_inits")
if version < 508
let did_viki_syntax_inits = 1
command! -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
command! -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
if &background == "light"
let s:cm1="Dark"
let s:cm2="Light"
let s:cm1="Light"
let s:cm2="Dark"
if exists("g:vikiHeadingFont")
let s:hdfont = " font=". g:vikiHeadingFont
let s:hdfont = ""
if exists("g:vikiTypewriterFont")
let s:twfont = " font=". g:vikiTypewriterFont
let s:twfont = ""
HiLink vikiEscapedChars Normal
exe "hi vikiEscape ctermfg=". s:cm2 ."grey guifg=". s:cm2 ."grey"
exe "hi vikiHeading term=bold,underline cterm=bold gui=bold ctermfg=". s:cm1 ."Magenta guifg=".s:cm1."Magenta". s:hdfont
exe "hi vikiList term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold ctermfg=". s:cm1 ."Cyan guifg=". s:cm1 ."Cyan"
HiLink vikiDescription vikiList
exe "hi vikiTableRowSep term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold ctermbg=". s:cm2 ."Grey guibg=". s:cm2 ."Grey"
exe "hi vikiSymbols term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold ctermfg=". s:cm1 ."Red guifg=". s:cm1 ."Red"
exe "hi vikiMarkers term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold ctermfg=". s:cm1 ."Red guifg=". s:cm1 ."Red ctermbg=yellow guibg=yellow"
hi vikiAnchor term=italic cterm=italic gui=italic ctermfg=grey guifg=grey
HiLink vikiComment Comment
HiLink vikiString String
hi vikiBold term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
HiLink vikiContinousBold vikiBold
hi vikiUnderline term=underline cterm=underline gui=underline
HiLink vikiContinousUnderline vikiUnderline
exe "hi vikiTypewriter term=underline ctermfg=". s:cm1 ."Grey guifg=". s:cm1 ."Grey". s:twfont
HiLink vikiContinousTypewriter vikiTypewriter
HiLink vikiMacroHead Statement
HiLink vikiMacroDelim Identifier
HiLink vikiCommand Statement
HiLink vikiRegion Statement
HiLink vikiRegionAlt Statement
delcommand HiLink
if g:vikiMarkInexistent
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