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This plugin adds wiki-like hypertext capabilities to Vim. You can use viki as a "minor" mode (i.e., as an add-on to any other mode) or as a full-fledged wiki mode. There is also an add-on plugin for "wikifying" latex documents by turning some latex commands into wiki names. If viki is properly configured, activating a reference to an image, a webpage etc. will view that resource in an external viewer.
From you can download a ruby based tool to convert viki markup to html, latex, or docbook. On its homepage ( you can read a more detailled specification of the markup.
Use the hypertext facility with any filetype. Just type :VikiMinorMode and all wiki names and URLs will be highlighted.
In full mode, viki becomes a personal wiki ( The full wiki mode included syntax highlighting (for headings, lists, tables, textstyles etc.), folding support, and additional key bindings (i.e., you can press <c-tab> or <s-c-tab> to move the cursor to the next/previous viki name). By default, the viki filetype is enabled for all files with a .viki suffix. The viki markup is explained at (
In case you missed out on wikis, a wiki is a simple way of creating hypertexts. In its very basic form creating a hyperlink is as easy as writing a word in CamelCase or by enclosing a word in brackets--as in [[destination]] or [-destination-]. A wiki is a simple tool to organize ideas, notes etc. See for details.
- vikitasks (vimscript #2894): Distributed TODO lists
- hookcursormoved (vimscript #2037): Enhanced detection of hyperlinks to inexistent destinations.
- vxfold (vimscript #3004) by Marko Mahnič: Provides org-mode like fold cycling
- VOoM (vimscript #2657): A two-pane outliner with support for viki
Also available via git