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- Incoporate changes from pull request 12- viki#InterVikiDest(): Use g:vikiIndex (again)- viki#InterVikiDest: FIX check if i_index exists- viki_viki#CompleteExtendedNameDef(): Use match() instead of =~ (work-around)- iskeyword+=192-255- Allow digits in interviki names- FIX #13: viki_viki#SetupBuffer(): remove "::" from interviki names for use in interviki_rx- vikiBaseDirs: A list of directories where to look for "file words" and "hyper words"- CollectVikiWords(): Use correct directory for hypewords- Priority lists: Highlight #Y, #Z as comments (like #X)- viki#DirListing(): Improve display for "**/*.*" pattern (requires proper rewrite)- FIX #14: Move definition of g:vikiFoldMethodVersion back to plugin/viki.vim- syntax: g:vikiIndentedPriorityLists can also be window- or buffer-local- If the SetSyntax plugin is installed, set tw to 0 the cursor is over priority lists- syn cluster vikiPriorityListGenMD5 checksum: 059e1b085b663c1d2d498756fbba39f6
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1 parent d40bf74 commit e670431db6884fb8d83b7359a6324808ff8fd184 @tomtom tomtom committed with Nov 3, 2014
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  2. +9 −4 autoload/viki_viki.vim
  3. +16 −2 doc/viki.txt
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  5. +7 −4 syntax/viki.vim
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