Commits on Nov 14, 2010
  1. Version 1.10

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Mar 15, 2006
    - Pseudo anchors (not supported by deplate): jump to a line number, e.g. [[file#l=10]] or [[file#line=10]]; find an regexp, e.g. [[file#rx=\\d]]; execute some vim code, e.g. [[file#vim=call Whatever()]]; you can also define your own handlers: VikiAnchor_{type}(arg)
    - g:vikiFolds: new 'b' flag: the body has a higher level than all
    headings (gives you some kind of outliner experience; the default value
    for g:vikiFolds was changed to 'h')
    - FIX: VikiFindAnchor didn't work properly in some situations
    - FIX: Escape blanks when following a link (this could cause problems in
    some situations, not always)
    - FIX: Don't try to mark inexistent links when pressing enter if the current
    line is empty.
    - FIX: Restore vertical cursor position in window after looking for
    inexistent links.
    - FIX: Backslashes got lost in some situations.
  2. Version 1.9

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Feb 22, 2006
    - Register mp3, ogg and some other multimedia related suffixes as
    special files
    - Add a menu of Intervikis if g:vikiMenuPrefix is != ''
    - g:vikiMapKeys can contain "\n" and " " (supplement g:vikiMapKeys with
    the variables g:vikiMapQParaKeys and g:vikiMapBeforeKeys)
    - FIX: <SID>IsSupportedType
    - FIX: Only the first inexistent link in a line was highlighted
    - FIX: Set &buflisted when editing an existing buffer
    - FIX: VikiDefine: Non-viki index names weren't quoted
    - FIX: In "minor mode", vikiFamily wasn't correctly set in some
    situations; other problems related to b:vikiFamily
    - FIX: AnyWord works again
    - Removed: VikiMinorModeMaybe
    - VikiDefine now takes an optional fourth argument (an index file;
    default=Index) and automatically creates a vim command with the name of
    the interviki that opens this index file
  3. Version 1.8

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Nov 23, 2005
    - Fold lists too (see also g:vikiFolds)
    - Allow interviki names in extended viki names (e.g.,
    [[WIKI::WikiName][Display Name]])
    - Renamed <SID>GetSimpleRx4SimpleWikiName() to
    VikiGetSimpleRx4SimpleWikiName() (required in some occasions; increased the
    version number so that we can check against it)
    - Fix: Problem with urls/fnames containing '!' and other special characters
    (which now have to be escaped by the handler; so if you defined a custom
    handler, e.g. g:vikiOpenFileWith_ANY, please adapt its definition)
    - Fix: VikiEdit! opens the homepage only when b:vikiEnabled is defined in the
    current buffer (we assume that for the homepage the global configuration is in
    - Fix: Problem when g:vikiMarkInexistent was false/0
    - Fix: Removed \c from the regular expression for extended names, which caused
    FindNext to malfunction and caused a serious slowdown when matching of
    bad/unknown links
    - Fix: Re-set viki minor mode after entering a buffer
    - The state argument in Viki(Minor)Mode is now mostly ignored
    - Fix: A simple name's anchor was ignored
  4. Version 1.7

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Oct 31, 2005
    - g:vikiHomePage: If you call VikiEdit! (with "bang"), the homepage is opened
    first so that its customizations are in effect. Also, if you call :VikiHome or
    :VikiEdit *, the homepage is opened.
    - basic highlighting & indentation of emacs-planner style task lists (sort of)
    - command line completion for :VikiEdit
    - new command/function VikiDefine for defining intervikis
    - added <LocalLeader>ve map for :VikiEdit
    - fixed problem in VikiEdit (when the cursor was on a valid viki link, the
    text argument was ignored)
    - fixed opening special files/urls in a designated window
    - fixed highlighting of comments
    - vikiLowerCharacters and vikiUpperCharacters can be buffer local
    - fixed problem when an url contained an ampersand
    - fixed error message when the &hidden option wasn't set (see g:vikiHide)
  5. Version 1.6.3

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Oct 1, 2005
    - file type URLs (file://) are now treated like special files
    - indent: if g:vikiIndentDesc is '::', align a definition's description to the
    first non-blank position after the '::' separator
    - b:vikiDisableType
    - Put AnyWord-related stuff into a file of its own.
    - indentation for notices (!!!, ??? etc.)
    - When creating a new file by following a link, the desired window number was ignored
    - (VikiOpenSpecialFile) Escape blanks in the filename
    - Set &include and &define (ftplugin)
    - Set g:vikiFolds to '' to avoid using Headings for folds (which may cause a
    major slowdown on slower machines)
    - renamed <SID>DecodeFileUrl(dest) to VikiDecomposeUrl()
    - fixed problem with table highlighting
  6. Version 1.6.1

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Feb 5, 2005
    - fixed indentation bug
    - removed forgotten debug message
  7. Version 1.6

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Jan 25, 2005
    - new command: VikiEdit NAME ... allows editing of arbitrary viki names (also understands extended and interviki formats)
    - support for some regions/commands/macros: #INC/#INCLUDE, #IMG, #Img (requires an id to be defined), {img}
    - b:vikiInverseFold: Inverse folding of subsections
    - g:vikiFreeMarker: Search for the plain anchor text if no explicitly marked anchor was found.
    - setting the b:vikiNoSimpleNames to true prevents viki from recognizing simple viki names
    - made some script local functions global so that it should be easier to integrate viki with other plugins
    - fixed moving cursor on <SID>VikiMarkInexistent()
    - fixed typo: b:VikiEnabled, which should be b:vikiEnabled (thanks to Ned Konz)
  8. Version 1.5.2

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Oct 26, 2004
    - changed default markup of textstyles: __emphasize__, ''code''; the
    previous markup can be re-enabled by setting g:vikiTextstylesVer to 1)
    - fixed problem with VikiQuote
    - on follow-link, check for yet unsaved buffers too
  9. Version 1.5.1

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Sep 27, 2004
    - depends on multvals >= 3.8.0
    - new viki family "AnyWord" (see |viki-any-word|), which turns any word into a
    potential viki link
    - <LocalLeader>vq, VikiQuote: mark selected text as a quoted viki name
    (requires imaps.vim, vimscript #244 or vimscript #475)
    - check for null links when pressing <space>, <cr>, ], and some other keys
    (defined in g:vikiMapKeys)
    - a global suffix for viki files can be defined by g:vikiNameSuffix
    - fix syntax problem when checking for links to inexistent files
  10. Version 1.5

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Sep 9, 2004
    - different highlighting for links to existing and non-existing files
    - added key bindings <LL>vs (split) and <LL>vv (split vertically)
    - added key bindings <LL>v1 through to <LL>v4: open the viki link
    under cursor in the windows 1 to 4
    - handle variables g:vikiSplit, b:vikiSplit
    - don't indent regions
    - regions can be indented
    - When a file doesn't exist, ESC or "n" aborts creation
  11. Version 1.4

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Aug 20, 2004
    - fixed problem with table highlighting that could cause vim to hang
    - it is now possible to selectivly disable simple or quoted viki names
    - indent plugin
  12. Version 1.3.1

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Aug 11, 2004
    - fixed bug when VikiGoBack was called without a definitiv back-reference (e.g. via <LocalLeader>vb)
    - fixed encoding problems with latin-1 characters
  13. Version 1.3

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Aug 6, 2004
    - basic ctags support (see |viki-tags|)
    - mini-ftplugin for bibtex files (use record labels as anchors)
    - added mapping <LocalLeader><c-cr>: follow link in other window (if any)
    - disabled the highlighting of italic char styles (i.e., /text/)
    - the ftplugin doesn't set deplate as the compiler; renamed the compiler plugin to deplate
    - fix: VikiFoldLevel()
  14. Version 1.2.103

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed May 4, 2004
    - syntax file: fix nested regexp problem
    - deplate: conversion to html/latex; download from
    - made syntax a little bit more restrictive (*WORD* now matches /\*\w+\*/ instead of /\*\S+\*/)
    - interviki definitions can now be buffer local variables, too
    - fixed <SID>DecodeFileUrl(dest)
    - some kind of compiler plugin (uses deplate)
    - removed g/b:vikiMarkupEndsWithNewline variable
    - saved all files in unix format (thanks to Grant Bowman for the hint)
    - removed international characters from g:vikiLowerCharacters and
    g:vikiUpperCharacters because of difficulties with different encodings (thanks to Grant Bowman for pointing out this problem); non-english-speaking users have to set these variables in their vimrc file
    - g:vikiExplorer (for viewing directories)
    - preliminary support for "soft" anchors (b:vikiAnchorRx)
    - improved VikiOpenSpecialProtocol(url); g:vikiOpenUrlWith_{PROTOCOL},
    - improved VikiOpenSpecialFile(file); g:vikiOpenFileWith_{SUFFIX},
    - anchors may contain upper characters (but must begin with a lower char)
    - some support for Mozilla ThunderBird mailbox-URLs (this requires spaces to be encoded as %20)
    - changed g:vikiDefSep to '‡‡‡'
  15. Version 1.0.5

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Feb 5, 2004
    Bug fixes. This version should work now with g:vikiUseParentSuffix set to 0, which, well, is the default value.
  16. Version 1.0

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Feb 1, 2004
    - "Syntax" changes
    - Extended names: For compatibility reasons with other wikis, the anchor is now in the reference part.
    - For compatibility reasons with other wikis, prepending an anchor with b:commentStart is optional.
    - g:vikiUseParentSuffix
    - Renamed variables & functions (basically s/Wiki/Viki/g)
    - added a ftplugin stub, moved the description to a help file
    - "[--]" is reference to current file
    - Folding support (at section level)
    - "Intervikis"
    - More highlighting
    - g:vikiFamily, b:vikiFamily
    - VikiGoBack() (experimental option: persistent history data)
    - rudimentary LaTeX support ("soft" viki names)
    - removed call to "simplify()"
  17. Version 380: Initial upload

    tomtom authored and vim-scripts committed Dec 19, 2003