The TopCoder Arena editor plugin with Vim integration.
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This is a mirror of

The TopCoder Arena is a Java applet providing access to free programming
challenges and competitions.  The applet contains a built-in editor for
solving the algorithm problems, but coding in Vim is much easier.  This is
a plugin for the arena providing support for using Vim as your editor.  You
can learn about TopCoder at their site:

Some features of this plugin:

- Use Vim to edit your TC Arena problems.
- Keeps track of your code files locally so you'll always have a copy.
- Works with any language supported by TC.
- Downloads and stores a copy of the problem statement with your code for
    off-line viewing.
- Support for templates (default templates provided only for C++ and Java).
- Test-case "drivers" can be generated locally with the example test-case
    data (currently C++ only).


You need to have client/server support compiled into Vim.  This is usually
the case.  You also need to have a recent Java runtime implementation in
order to run the arena applet and editor plugin.

You can also use Vim's :make command to build the C++ test cases, but
of course you'll need the make utility and a C++ compiler.

A more detailed description of this plugin is available on the project page,
along with the source code:

This software is not endorsed by TopCoder and is provided as-is.