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This is a mirror of

This is an IRC client which runs on Vim.  It has some of the features
IRC users might expect, such as multiple servers connectivity, DCC
SEND/CHAT features etc..  Read the plugin file for more feature info and
usage instructions.

For those who are unfamiliar with IRC in general, I recommend visiting
this site first:

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions etc., /query or
e-mail the maintainer.  Do not direct them to the channel #vim please.

Screenshots: (invoking web browser)

Here is a minimum set of knowledge required to start/exit the script:

To start it, type


Then you'll be prompted for some user info (nick, full name etc.).

Upon successfull connection, try some normal commands you're familiar
with ("j", "k", "<C-W>-"things and so on).  Typing "i" or "I" will let
you in to the IRC-command mode, where you can enter commands such as
"/join #vim" and messages.

To quit, just press "Q".

Another method of quitting: get out of the loop with "<C-C>", then type


If you change your mind and want to get online again, press "<Space>" on
any of the VimIRC windows.

Have fun!
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